IPTV Service definition

IPTV Service means delivery of multichannel television programmes in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers;
IPTV Service means delivery of multi-channel television programs in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers.
IPTV Service means delivery of multi-channel television programs to Subscriber’s television set connected to set top boxes of such IPTV Service in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers.

Examples of IPTV Service in a sentence

  • We support immediate amendment to the Downlinking Policy dated November 11, 2005 issued by the Ministry of I&B to permit Broadcasters to provide TV Channels to IPTV Service Providers in addition to MSOs, Cable Operators or DTH Operators.

  • ABS-CBN Australia may terminate your IPTV Service for non-payment of the Monthly Subscription Fee within sixty (60) days after due date and/or non-payment of Late Payment Fees, if any.

  • The Authorized Representative has been exclusively authorized by the Broadcaster (for all India for DTH Service and IPTV Service and for all India, barring the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, for Digital Addressable Cable Television Network) to act as the exclusive agent of the Broadcaster to distribute the Channels to DPOs authorized to retransmit signals of satellite television channels through their respective channel distribution platform as per license received from the MIB.

  • While it is correct that IPTV implements “TV over IP”, this definition is both narrow and incomplete.As per ITU-T ’s ‘Working Document : IPTV Service Requirements’ dated 31st July 2007(http://www.itu.int/md/T05-FG.ITV-DOC-0114/en; please see page 6) “IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as television/video/ audio/text/graphics/data delivered over IP- based networks managed to support the required level ofQoS/QoE, security, interactivity and reliability”.

  • I., Lim, J., and Chung, M.: Group Key Management for Secure Mobile IPTV Service.

  • The Operator granting access to the Subscribed Channels to its subscribers outside the Territory through the Operator’s IPTV Service shall tantamount to the Operator allowing unauthorized access to the Subscribed Channels.

  • For DTH Service / HITS Service / IPTV Service Sr.No. Note: If a DPO is an MSO and/or a DTH operator and/or an IPTV operator and/or a HITS operator, then it shall execute separate interconnection agreement for each type of its digital distribution platform for availing signals of the Channel(s).

  • Doh, I., Lim, J., and Chae, K.: Key Management Approach for Secure Mobile Open IPTV Service.

  • Broadcaster Aggregator IPTV Service Provider Customer IPTV services value chain 2.33 IPTV technology combines television distribution with broadband and telephony, and provides the option of Triple Play Services to the consumer.

  • The Organiser has to: - make an appropriate connectivity available to ensure the event’s live and/or delayed transmissions, accomplishing all the Internet Service Provider’s technical requests; - supply the IP-TV Service Provider staff with the accreditations required for getting access to all necessary locations; - make available to ETTU and to the IP-TV Service Provider adequate spaces and working areas; - give to IP-TV staff appropriate assistance during the Event.

More Definitions of IPTV Service

IPTV Service means delivery of multi-channel TV programmes in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers.
IPTV Service means delivery of multi‐channel television programs in addressable mode by using Internet Protocol over a closed network of one or more service providers;
IPTV Service means the audio, video, broadband, data, communications and other services provided by Grantee from time to time, whether via Internet protocol or other technical means now existing or hereinafter developed.
IPTV Service means provision of the Programs by means of IPTV transmission.

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