Investment Funds definition

Investment Funds means all monies and financial resources available for investment by the Authority, other than proceeds of bonds issued by the Authority.
Investment Funds means the notional funds or other investment vehicles designated pursuant to subsection 5.1.
Investment Funds means the investment funds selected from time to time by the Administrative Committee for purposes of determining the rate of return on amounts deemed invested pursuant to the terms of the Plan.

Examples of Investment Funds in a sentence

  • The designation by a Participant of any Investment Funds under this Section 4.5 of the Plan shall be made in accordance with rules and procedures established by the Plan Administrator.

  • The Investment Funds are valued each day the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading.

  • The Committee shall have absolute discretion to select the available Investment Funds from which Participants may select as the measure(s) of the notional investment return on their individual Accounts in accordance with Section 3.2(c).

  • All amounts credited to a Participant's Account shall be credited with amounts of investment earnings or debited with amounts of investment losses that correspond to the total investment return earned by the Investment Fund or combination of Investment Funds designated in advance by the Participant for these purposes.

  • The designation of one or more Investment Funds by a Participant under this Section 4.5 of the Plan shall be used solely to measure the amounts of investment earnings or losses that will be credited or debited to the Participant's Account on the Company's books and records, and the Company shall not be required under the Plan to establish any account in the Investment Funds or to purchase any Investment Fund shares on the Participant's behalf.

More Definitions of Investment Funds

Investment Funds. Investment funds in which the Fund's assets are invested.
Investment Funds means monies and financial resources available for investment by the Authority. “Investment Securities” means any or all of the investment obligations.
Investment Funds means the investment fund or funds into which the Employee may direct the Trustee to invest amounts credited to his Account.
Investment Funds means the investment funds established by the Board of Directors and reflected from time to time on Appendix B. The Investment Funds shall be used for tracking phantom investment results under the Plan.
Investment Funds means the phantom investment funds established under this Program which will accrue earnings as if the Participant's Individual Account held actual assets which were invested in the appropriate Investment Fund as defined under the RCP.
Investment Funds means any fund(s) to which the Committee allows Eligible Employees to nominally allocate their Accounts. Investment Funds are further described in Article 8.
Investment Funds means the investment fund(s) available for the investment of a Participant’s Account that are held inside a Funding Vehicle.