Invest definition

Invest or "investment" means the utilization of money in the expectation of future returns in the form of income or capital gain. Investments initially purchased in accordance with this act that subsequently do not qualify for purchase for any reason shall be considered to continue to meet the requirements of this act. Investment includes a guarantee by an investment fiduciary but does not include, as a sole investment, a pledge of the system's assets as collateral to guarantee the repayment of obligations made by a third party to a borrower.
Invest. in this context, investment means the acquiring ownership of all or part of a fossil fuel company or otherwise providing financial support to such a company or any project which ignores the environmental impact and risks associated with Fossil Fuels;
Invest or “Investment” means money expended by or on behalf of an approved eligible business that seeks to begin or expand operations in Arkansas and, without the infusion of capital, the location or expansion may not occur.

Examples of Invest in a sentence

  • Invest You have the legal power to sign this Investment Agreement and purchase the Note.

  • NC Prohibition on Contracts with Companies that Invest in Iran or Boycott Israel.

  • Money Order/Postal Order/Post dated Cheques (except in case of investments through Systematic Investment Plan) and Stock Invest will not be accepted.

  • Invest up to 10% of its net assets in Transferable Securities and Money Market Instruments other than those referred to above under A (1) through (4) and (8).

  • Students enrolled in this class should understand the level of autonomy and self-discipline required to be successful.1. Invest in a planner or application to keep track of your courses.

More Definitions of Invest

Invest means any advance of funds, including the purchase of securities and the making of a loan, except a payment for rent earned, goods sold and delivered, or services rendered prior to the making of such payment.
Invest means employ funds in a manner permitted by these terms of trust andinvestment’ shall have a corresponding meaning.
Invest means any form of funding provided to a state corporation, including providing share capital, loans, guarantees, grants or subsidies.Resolution of operational and financial problems of national government entities and county governments92. Responsibility for avoiding, identifying and resolving financial problems
Invest means to commit funds or other assets to a company. “Invest” includes making a loan or other extension of credit to a company, or owning or controlling a share or interest in a company or a bond or other debt instrument issued by a company.
Invest means expend moneys with a view to obtaining a present or future financial return (whether by way of income, profit or otherwise); and