Manage definition

Manage or “Management” means to generate, handle, manufacture, process, treat, store, use, re-use, refine, recycle, reclaim, blend or burn for energy recovery, incinerate, accumulate speculatively, transport, transfer, dispose of, release, threaten to release or abandon Hazardous Substances.

Examples of Manage in a sentence

  • Go into the Control Panel, click Network and Internet.b. Click Manage Network Connections, right-click the Local Area Connectionicon and click Properties.c. Click Internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties.d. Then click Obtain an IP address automatically and click OK.Windows XP/2000a.

  • Manage vendors and volunteers to execute marketing plans throughout the season.

  • Manage relationships with vendors relating to completion of season elements.

  • Manage the budget for each ensemble and participate in budget review.

  • Manage central artistic and production staff that support all programs.

More Definitions of Manage

Manage and "Management" shall mean generation, production, handling, distribution, processing, use, storage, treatment, operation, transportation, recycling, reuse and/or disposal, as those terms are defined in CERCLA, RCRA and other Environmental Laws (including as those terms are further defined, construed, or otherwise used in rules, regulations, standards, guidelines and publications issued pursuant to, or otherwise in implementation of, such Environmental Laws).
Manage means to introduce or control.
Manage. "operate," or "management" means the provision of, or the exercise of control over the provision of, activities:
Manage. (or “Managing”) means with respect to the business or operation of a television station, (i) the provision of management services, (ii) the right to program, or select a substantial portion of the programming of, such station, including through a local marketing agreement, time brokerage agreement, joint sales agreement, shared services agreement, or other similar agreements (collectively, a “Services Agreement”), or (iii) the sale of, or the right to sell, the advertising of such station through a Services Agreement.
Manage. "operate," or "management" means the provision of, or the exercise of control over the provision of, activities that relate to the housing of offenders in correctional facilities, including, but not limited to, providing for release services for offenders who are under DRC's community supervision or are placed by a court in a halfway house pursuant to the state's Criminal Sentencing Law, and who reside in halfway house facilities.
Manage means taking action to address a FCOI, which can include reducing or eliminating the FCOI, to ensure, to the extent possible, that the design, conduct, and reporting of research will be free from bias.