Interruptible Load definition

Interruptible Load means load that can be curtailed or reduced at the supplier's discretion or in accordance with a contractual agreement.
Interruptible Load means any load that can be interrupted in a power control center.

Examples of Interruptible Load in a sentence

  • Generating Capacity that is available to supply Energy, or Interruptible Load Resources that are available to Curtail Energy usage, in the event of contingency conditions which meet the requirements of the ISO.

  • Interruptible Load amount (summer and winter), location and conditions/limitations (five year forecast): Not Applicable.

  • Emergency Interruptible Load Service Time Period (EILS Time Period)Blocks of hours in an EILS Contract Period in which EILS Resources are contractually committed to provide EILS.

  • Emergency Interruptible Load Service (EILS)A special emergency service used during an EEA Level 2B to reduce Load and assist in maintaining or restoring ERCOT System frequency.

  • Adherence to the delivery deadline assumes the fulfilment of the contractual obligations of the Orderer.

More Definitions of Interruptible Load

Interruptible Load means the consumer load or a combination of consumer loads that can be contractually interrupted without notice or reduced by remote control or on instruction from the system operator. Individual contracts place limitations on usage;
Interruptible Load means, for any Person, any power supply obligations of such Person, to the extent that any (i) interruption, discontinuance or curtailment thereof, or (ii) any other failure to fulfill any such obligation, will not result in any penalty, breach of contract or other liability to any other Person.
Interruptible Load means the amount of demand served under Rate 39. “ISO-NE” means the Independent System Operator-New England “RTDRP” means the ISO-NE Real-Time Demand Response Program.
Interruptible Load means a portion or a combination of a Distributor
Interruptible Load means any load that can be interrupted in a power control center. ------------------------ * Indicates information that has been filed separately with the Secretary of the Commission as an attachment to a request for confidentiality with respect to the omitted information.
Interruptible Load means a load that by contract can be interrupted in the event of a capacity deficiency on the supplying system.