Customer-generator definition

Customer-generator means a user of a net metering system.
Customer-generator means a residential or commercial customer that owns (or leases or contracts) and operates an electric generating facility that: (a) has a capacity of not more than 1000 kilowatts; (b) uses renewable resources, cogeneration, fuel cells, or microturbines; (c) is located on the customer's premises; (d) is interconnected with the Electric Company's transmission and distribution facilities; and(e) is intended primarily to offset all or part of the customer's own electricity requirements.
Customer-generator means the owner and operator of a distributed generation facility.

Examples of Customer-generator in a sentence

  • Prior to final interconnection, all Customer Generators must execute a Net Metering Interconnection Agreement, Appendix - C and submit a completed Generating Facility Certificate of Completion Appendix - D to the Utility, and any other agreement(s) required for the disposition of the Customer Generator Generating Facility's electric power output.

  • Whenever possible, the Utility shall give Customer Generator reasonable notice of the possibility that interruption or reduction of deliveries that may be required.

  • The Customer Generator shall be charged for the direct cost incurred by the Cooperative as a result of the interconnection and for providing net metering service.

  • Any Customer Generator Generating Facility must comply with these rules to be eligible to interconnect and operate in parallel with the Utility's electric system.

  • This Agreement shall terminate upon the transfer of ownership of the Small Generator Facility to a new Eligible Customer Generator (owner or tenant), unless the new Eligible Customer Generator notifies the EDC of the change, their agreement to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the original Interconnection Agreement, and so notifies the EDC in writing prior to or coincident with the transfer of electric service to the new customer.

More Definitions of Customer-generator

Customer-generator means a person that uses a project on-site that is interconnected to an electric utility distribution system.
Customer-generator means the user of an onsite distributed energy resource that is enrolled in net energy metering service.
Customer-generator means a user of a net metering facility.
Customer-generator means a customer who is the owner and operator of a distributed generation facility.
Customer-generator means an end-use electricity customer that generates electricity on the customer's side of the meter using eligible energy resources.
Customer-generator means a member of the Cooperative and that either 1) is the owner and operator of a Distributed Generation Facility, or 2) is the lessee of a Distributed Generation Facility, or 3) who has Solar Electric Generating Technology connected to the member’s side of the retail service meter.
Customer-generator means a residential, commercial, or industrial Customer that generates electricity on the Customer's side of the meter.