Terminals definition

Terminals means the Terminals set forth on Schedule A attached hereto.
Terminals means, collectively, the Owned Terminals and the Leased Terminals.
Terminals means any one or more marine, rail, or other inland terminal facilities, and such other common start stop locations as (CCM POOL NAME) may determine in its discretion from time to time to include within the Chassis Pool which will be listed in the (CCM POOL NAME) Operations Manual.

Examples of Terminals in a sentence

  • To the knowledge of the Vendor Parties, no steps or proceedings have been taken to authorize or require the discontinuance or dissolution of Neptune Terminals.

  • The Parties agree that Facilities Operations Expenses means the salaries, benefits and related expenses of the terminal managers and assistant terminal managers of the Terminals incurred by USDG and reimbursable to USDG pursuant to the Omnibus Agreement (including, but not limited to, under Sections 3.2 and 3.3 therein), the payment of which is to be approved by the CRO.

  • Neptune Terminals has the power to own and operate its assets and property.

More Definitions of Terminals

Terminals means, collectively, (a) the Initial Terminals and (b) any other terminals (including truck and rail terminals), storage facilities, processing or other facilities or wharfage (including tankage and loading racks related thereto) owned or leased by any Loan Party that are used in the Business and which have a fair market value in excess of $30,000,000.
Terminals means the physical electronic terminal or terminals supplied by us through which instructions may be given for the transfer of funds using the eftpos System.
Terminals means, collectively (a) the Initial Terminals; and (b) any other terminals, storage facilities, wharfage, tankage and loading racks owned or leased by any Loan Party that are used in the Business.
Terminals means a physical location wherein the business activities (operations) of the trucking company are conducted on a routine basis. Terminals will generally include loading or shipping docks, warehouse space, dispatch offices and may also include administrative offices.
Terminals. - means ATMs, POSs and/or self- service desks belonging to the Bank, whether located at or outside the premises of the Bank's Territorial Units ("Terminals of the Bank") or ATMs and/or POS of foreign banks ("Terminals of another bank") .
Terminals means marine and rail terminals and other inland facilities listed as such in the MWCP Operations Manual.
Terminals means components of information systems (including installed software and directly connected keyboards, mouse devices, and other peripherals fully integrated therewith) that are operated directly by users and the like for the purpose of information processing, and which are procured or developed by the University, or sourced from external providers, and are connected to on-campus communication lines. Mobile terminals are included in this definition.