Utility Company definition

Utility Company means all persons, firms, or corporations engaged in the business of providing electric, gas, or natural gas service to consumers as defined in division (A)(06) of section 4928.01, division (A)(4) of section 4905.03, and division (G) of section 4929.01 of the Revised Code, respectively.
Utility Company means a municipal corporation or commission or a company or individual operating or using communications services, water services or sewage services, or transmitting, distributing or supplying any substance or form of energy for light, heat or power; (“entreprise de services publics”)
Utility Company means any and all of the public utility companies supplying utility services to the Estate;

Examples of Utility Company in a sentence

  • The Grantor shall, and shall procure that any Utility Company or the contractors, agents or employees referred to in Clause 8.4 above, will, in exercising the rights described in Clause 8.4 above, comply at all times with any relevant health and safety requirements at the Sites and not cause any disruption or unnecessary interference or disturbance to the Construction Works or the operation of the Toll Road.

  • Utility (Company) Code (columns 3-5) - RequiredEnter the three-character (alpha-numeric) code NERC assigned to your operating company.

  • The service entrance shall have space and necessary provisions for metering current transformer and testing as required by the Electric Utility Company and P.U.E.S.R. Standards.

  • Fees: Contact the Utility Company to determine if any fees, charges or costs will be due the Company, as required for service outages during reroute of transformer secondary, hook-ups, etc.

  • The switchgear assembly shall be braced for short circuit stress as noted on the drawings and per Electric Utility Company requirements.

More Definitions of Utility Company

Utility Company means a public- utility company or natural gas com- pany whose rates are regulated by the Commission, state commission or other similar regulatory body.
Utility Company means any company designated by the Authority to provide Utilities to the Facility;
Utility Company means a privately, cooperatively, or publicly owned utility, including a utility owned by a political subdivision, that provides service using a utility facility.
Utility Company means a privately, cooperatively, or publicly owned utility, including utilities owned by political subdivisions.