Utility Company definition

Utility Company means a municipal corporation or commission or a company or individual operating or using communications services, water services or sewage services, or transmitting, distributing or supplying any substance or form of energy for light, heat or power; (“entreprise de services publics”)
Utility Company means all persons, firms, or corporations engaged in the business of providing electric, gas, or natural gas service to consumers as defined in division (A)(06) of section 4928.01, division (A)(4) of section 4905.03, and division (G) of section 4929.01 of the Revised Code, respectively.
Utility Company means an entity approved by RAKBANK from time to time and which provides goods and services including, but not limited to gas, electricity, water and telecommunication services.

Examples of Utility Company in a sentence

  • Industry standards and applicable laws and regulations of authorities having jurisdiction include, but are not limited to, the following: Washington Industry Safety and Health Act of 1973 (WISHA); Federal Occupational Safety and Health Acts of 1970 (OSHA); WA State Department of Labor & Industries – Title 296 WAC; Utility company regulations; the National Electric Code (NEC); the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards; Environmental Protection regulations; etc.

  • The applicant may use the UA established by the Public Housing Agency (PHA) that administers the Section 8 Program in the locality where the property is located, HUD Utility Schedule Model, Utility company estimate, or Energy Consumption Model (licensed engineer or qualified professionals providing this model must be approved by DCA prior to submission of the Model), as allowed under Section 42 of the IRS Code, according to regulation 1.42-10 Utility Allowances.

  • Dependable.The increased efficiency of the Dunkirk Helix VX could save up to 40% on heating bills annually.*The 95% AFUE efficiency of the Helix VX allows it to qualify for State, Federal and local Utility company rebates.**The average water heater is rated at .59 EF - Energy Factor, measure of the useful energy coming out of your water heater divided by the amount of energy consumed to heat domestic water.

  • The estimate excludes the following:- - Utility company backcharges.

  • Utility Company will furnish current transformers and potential transformers to be installed in C/T cabinet for Electrical Vehicle service and as directed by the Utility company for the building service.

More Definitions of Utility Company

Utility Company means a privately, cooperatively, or publicly owned utility, including utilities owned by political subdivisions.
Utility Company means any and all of the public utility companies supplying utility services to the Estate;
Utility Company means a privately, cooperatively, or publicly owned utility, including a utility owned by a political subdivision, that provides service using a utility facility.
Utility Company means any company designated by the Authority to provide Utilities to the Facility;
Utility Company means a public- utility company or natural gas com- pany whose rates are regulated by the Commission, state commission or other similar regulatory body.
Utility Company means an individual, partnership or corporation that carries on business in Alberta as a generator, distributor, producer or seller, to the public in Alberta or elsewhere, of electrical energy, natural gas, oil, steam, water, telecommunications and railroads, whose facilities may have impact on the Work.
Utility Company means San Diego Gas & Electric Company, its successor and assigns, or any provider of electricity or wholesale purchaser of electricity, as applicable.