Income definition

Income means the following:

Examples of Income in a sentence

  • Income Tax and other statutory clearances shall be obtained by the lessors at their own cost as and when required.

  • Copy of Income tax return of last three years or since inception whichever is later.

  • We sent you a separate insert, called the “Evidence of Coverage Rider for People Who Get Extra Help Paying for Prescription Drugs” (also known as the “Low Income Subsidy Rider” or the “LIS Rider”), which tells you about your drug coverage.

  • Eurostat has established a common methodology for calculating European indicators, which are then calculated in a decentralized manner for each country.(5) The Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) survey collects the data used to calculate harmonized monetary poverty rates at the European level.

  • An individual indicator of monetary poverty in European countriesA few recent studies on European countries have proposed a different method for clearly showing the poverty and income levels of women, consisting of the individualization of poverty rates (Belgian Gender and Income Analysis [BGIA], 2011; Meulders and O’Dorchai, 2011; Corsi et al., 2016; Statbel, 2019).

More Definitions of Income

Income for this exemption means 2020 federal adjusted gross income, plus certain items subtracted from or not included in your federal adjusted gross income (320 ILCS 25/3.07). These include tax-exempt interest, dividends, annuities, net operating loss carryovers, capital loss carryovers, and Social Security benefits. Income also includes public assistance payments from a governmental agency, SSI, and certain taxes paid. These
Income means, with respect to any Purchased Loan at any time, any principal and/or interest thereon and all dividends, sale proceeds (including, without limitation, any proceeds from the liquidation or securitization of such Purchased Loan or other disposition thereof), rent and other collections and distributions thereon (including, without limitation, any proceeds received in respect of mortgage insurance), but not including any commitment fees, origination fees and/or servicing fees accrued in respect of periods on or after the initial Purchase Date with respect to such Purchased Loan.
Income means any interest, dividends or other distributions of any kind whatsoever with respect to any Investments
Income. With respect to any Purchased Asset, all of the following (in each case with respect to the entire par amount of the Asset represented by such Purchased Asset and not just with respect to the portion of the par amount represented by the Purchase Price advanced against such Asset) without duplication: (a) all Principal Payments, (b) all Interest Payments, and (c) all other income, distributions, receipts, payments, collections, prepayments, recoveries, proceeds (including insurance and condemnation proceeds) and other payments or amounts of any kind paid, received, collected, recovered or distributed on, in connection with or in respect of such Purchased Asset, including Principal Payments, Interest Payments, principal and interest payments, prepayment fees, extension fees, exit fees, defeasance fees, transfer fees, make whole fees, late charges, late fees and all other fees or charges of any kind or nature, premiums, yield maintenance charges, penalties, default interest, dividends, gains, receipts, allocations, rents, interests, profits, payments in kind, returns or repayment of contributions, net sale, foreclosure, liquidation, securitization or other disposition proceeds, insurance payments, settlements and proceeds; provided, that any amounts that under the applicable Purchased Asset Documents are required to be deposited into and held in escrow or reserve to be used for a specific purpose, such as taxes and insurance, shall not be included in the term “Income” unless and until (i) an event of default exists under such Purchased Asset Documents, (ii) the holder of the related Purchased Asset has exercised or is entitled to exercise rights and remedies with respect to such amounts, (iii) such amounts are no longer required to be held for such purpose under such Purchased Asset Documents, or (iv) such amounts may be applied to all or a portion of the outstanding indebtedness under such Purchased Asset Documents.