Definition of Taxable

Taxable ) means any and all taxes including, without limitation, (i) any net income, alternative or add-on minimum tax, gross income, gross receipts, sales, use, ad valorem, transfer, franchise, profits, value added, net worth, license, withholding, payroll, employment, excise, severance, stamp, occupation, premium, property, environmental or windfall profit tax, custom, duty or other tax, governmental fee or other like assessment or charge of any kind whatsoever, together with any interest or any penalty, addition to tax or additional amount imposed by any United States, local or foreign governmental authority or regulatory body responsible for the imposition of any such tax (domestic or foreign) (a "Tax Authority"), (ii) any liability for the payment of any amounts of the type described in (i) as a result of being a member of an affiliated, consolidated, combined or unitary group for any taxable period or as the result of being a transferee or successor thereof and (iii) any liability for the payment of any amounts of the type described in (i) or (ii) as a result of any express or implied obligation to indemnify any other person. 3.17 Minute Books. The minute books of the Company contain a complete summary of all meetings of directors and stockholders since the time of incorporation of such company and reflect all transactions referred to in such minutes accurately in all material respects. 3.18 Labor Agreements and Actions; Employee Compensation. The Company is not bound by or subject to (and none of its assets or properties is bound by or subject to) any written or oral, express or implied, contract, commitment or arrangement with any labor union, and no labor union has requested or has sought to represent any of the employees, representatives or agents of the Company. 3.19 '34 Act Reports. To the best knowledge of the Sellers, none of the Company's Filings contains any untrue statement of a material fact or omits to state a material fact necessary to make the statements therein not misleading, in light of the circumstances in which they were made. 3.20 No Liabilities. The Company does not incur any liabilities except costs associated with the transaction contemplated by this Agreement and the costs of being a public company. 3.21 Certain Transactions. No Seller, and no officer or director of the Company, is presently a party to any transaction with the Company, including any contract, agreement or other arrangement providing for the furnishing of services to or by, providing for rental of real or personal property to or from, or otherwise requiring payments to or from any Seller or any officer or director or any corporation, partnership, trust or other entity in which any Seller, officer or director has an interest or is an officer, director, trustee or partner.

Examples of Taxable in a sentence

Any credits relating to a Taxable period that begins before and ends after the Closing Date shall be taken into account as though the relevant Taxable period ended on the Closing Date.
For purposes of the Agreement, the term "Taxable Year" shall mean a period beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st.
In no event shall a tax credit be extended for a period greater than ten (10) Taxable Years commencing with the First Eligible Taxable Year, as required pursuant to Indiana Code SS 6-3.1-13-18(a).
The First Eligible Taxable Year is the first Taxable Year for which the Company is eligible to earn a tax credit under the Agreement.
The Company may earn a tax credit under the Agreement for one or more Taxable Years.