Tax Revenue definition

Tax Revenue means, with respect to the Project Area, (a) those tax revenues referred to (1) in the last sentence of the first paragraph of Article VIII, Section 12 of the Constitution of the State and (2) in Section 18-2147, Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, as amended, and (b) all payments made in lieu thereof.
Tax Revenue means sales taxes that units of local government impose upon the sale of supplies, materials, or equipment from the supplier to units of local government, and business and occupation taxes that units of local government impose upon the supplier that are measured by the gross receipts of the supplier from the sale.
Tax Revenue means any tax or duty imposed under Timor-Leste law;

Examples of Tax Revenue in a sentence

  • The Bonds shall not constitute a debt of the City within the meaning of any constitutional, statutory, or charter limitation upon the creation of general obligation indebtedness of the City, and the City shall not be liable for the payment thereof out of any money of the City other than the Tax Revenue and the other funds referred to herein.

  • Sales Tax Revenue, Operation PhaseDuring the operation phase, we estimated $647,819 in total new earnings and $1.3 million in new household spending occurring within the County.

  • The Lower Milford Township had passed a fire tax a few years ago.Lower Milford is now getting a new fire truck and the Township can pay cash for the truck with the Fire Tax Revenue.

  • TABLE 9 – COMPARISON OF TRANSPORTATION IMPACT TAXES BY COUNTY CountyTransportation Impact Tax Revenue - FY13PopulationPer Capita RevenuesAnne Arundel$5,915,870560,133$10.56Calvert$913,44690,613$10.08Howard$6,990,924309,284$22.60Montgomery$13,179,8981,030,447$12.79St. Mary's$160,425110,382$1.45Talbot$30,93837,643$0.82Washington$202,749149,573$1.36Source: County Development Impact Fees and Building Excise Taxes in Maryland, Amounts and Revenues, Department of Legislative Services 2014, page 8.

  • Ministry of Finance Records Tax Revenue Since the revenue collections disclosed by FIRCA in its financial statements were obtained from records that were maintained on a cash basis of accounting, any variances arising should have been verifiable.

More Definitions of Tax Revenue

Tax Revenue means the net receipts
Tax Revenue. , in respect of a year, means the amount of property tax received in that year by The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 from the annexed land and assessable improvements to it, excluding the amounts required to pay the requisitions referred to in section 326(1)(a) of the Act.
Tax Revenue means any tax or duty imposed under Ghanaian law; and
Tax Revenue means any tax, fee or duty imposed under Timor-Leste law;
Tax Revenue means an amount of money equal to all of the incremental increase in the collections of a party’s ad valorem taxes and personal property taxes levied as of January 1 of each year following the Base Year Taxable Value until an agreed upon length of time as set forth in this Agreement and which is attributable to the Development Area and which amount exceeds its Base Year Taxable Value, and includes related penalty and interest, related installment collections and rollback taxes collected relating to such levy. Any currently existing or future tax abatements, and any currently existing or future agreements pursuant to chapters 380 and 381 Texas Local Government Code requiring payments based upon Taxable Value entered into by one or both parties for property located in the Development Area shall not be considered Tax Revenue for purposes of this Agreement unless mutually agreed upon otherwise in writing by the parties hereto.
Tax Revenue means the incremental property tax revenues generated by Participant’s personal property located within the Site. For a period of up to 10 years beginning on , the Agency is entitled to receive the Tax Increment Rebate up to a maximum amount of $6,820,303, and subject to certain restrictions as set forth in the Budget.