Affiliation Agreement definition

Affiliation Agreement means a written agreement between a chartered program and any person that sets forth the roles and responsibilities of the parties, is signed by the individuals with authority to sign contracts, and provides for any of the following:
Affiliation Agreement means a written agreement between the governing authority of the program and another organization under the terms of which specified services, space or personnel are provided to one organization by the other, but without exchange of moneys.
Affiliation Agreement means any agreement between the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries and a distributor pursuant to which such distributor agrees, among other things, to distribute and exhibit to its subscribers programming of the Company or such Restricted Subsidiary, as the case may be.

Examples of Affiliation Agreement in a sentence

  • Additionally, there is a list of other potential sites around the nation which NEP does not currently have an Affiliation Agreement.

  • However, this does not guarantee that the legal document, the Affiliation Agreement, will be finalized in time for the student to begin an internship in the desired semester.

  • Affiliation AgreementThe Affiliation Agreement (sometimes labeled the Memorandum of Agreement) is a legal contract established between the University of Louisville on behalf of the Kent School of Social Work and Family Science and the practicum organization.

  • An Affiliation Agreement is a legal document that must be executed between WSU and the Internship Site prior to the start of an internship.

  • When reviewing the internship sites on Blackboard, the student is strongly encouraged to choose from sites which have a current Affiliation Agreement.

More Definitions of Affiliation Agreement

Affiliation Agreement means a signed, written understanding among two or more organizations that describes how they will work together to benefit persons in the community.
Affiliation Agreement means any and all of the agreements, known as Sprint PCS Affiliation Agreements, whereby an affiliate and Sprint PCS and/or one or more of Sprint PCS' Related Parties agree to the terms and conditions under which such affiliate will manage the Service Area Network identified in such agreement, using such Affiliate's own PCS license issued by the FCC and any documents incorporated by reference in such agreement.
Affiliation Agreement means the signed, written, board approved understanding between a residential facility and a certified mental health agency or a board, that describes how the two parties will work together to benefit persons residing in residential facilities.
Affiliation Agreement means a standard form agreement of affiliation to the ACU Ltd (as approved by the Board from time to time); and “Affiliation” and “Affiliated” shall be construed accordingly as referring to a Local Centre Club or the person who has entered into an Affiliation Agreement with the ACU Ltd.
Affiliation Agreement means an affiliation agreement between an Obligor and a major television network.
Affiliation Agreement means that certain Affiliation Agreement dated as of the date hereof by and among the Company, Ipsen S.A., a French société anonyme and Suraypharm, a French société par actions simplifiée.