Transmission Licensee definition

Transmission Licensee means a licensee authorised to establish or operate transmission lines;
Transmission Licensee means a holder of a licence issued under section 6(b) of the Electricity Xxx 0000;
Transmission Licensee means a person who has been granted a license under Section 14 of the Act authorising him to establish or operate transmission lines;

Examples of Transmission Licensee in a sentence

  • Subject to the proviso herein, the Transmission Licensee shall have exclusive use of the Substation, together with the site on which it is located, and the Consumer shall be deemed to have granted to the Transmission Licensee, its employees and agents an irrevocable licence at all times to have full and unrestricted use thereof and free access thereto provided that the Transmission Licensee shall not use a Dedicated Substation to provide Transmission Services to any other premises or installation.

  • Except as may otherwise be expressly specified in this Agreement or the Transmission Code or as the Parties may otherwise agree, as between the Parties the Transmission Licensee shall bear all of the costs and expenses relating to the performance by the Transmission Licensee of its functions, duties and powers under this Agreement and the Transmission Code.

  • Upon termination of this Agreement in respect of the Premises, the Transmission Licensee shall, within twenty (20) days following termination provided it is satisfied that the Consumer has no remaining financial obligations or liabilities under this Agreement, return to the Consumer all security held by the Transmission Licensee in respect of the Consumer.

  • The obligation to provide the Transmission Licensee with security under clause 12.2 shall not apply to the Consumer during any period where the Consumer is receiving an electricity supply under a supply agreement with a Retail Electricity Licensee who provides a Consolidated Billing Service.

  • A Master Consumer that receives a notification from the Transmission Licensee or its agent of an intended De-Energisation in respect of any Indirectly Connected Consumer shall be obliged at its own expense to facilitate and render such assistance (including notifying that Indirectly Connected Consumer) to the Transmission Licensee or its agent, as the case may be, in effecting the De-Energisation.

More Definitions of Transmission Licensee

Transmission Licensee means a licensee authorized to establish and operate Transmission Lines by the Appropriate Commission;
Transmission Licensee means the holder for the time being of a transmission licence.
Transmission Licensee means the entity, which has been granted a transmission licence or is a deemed licensee under the first, second, third or fifth provisos to section 14 of the Act authorized to transmit electricity;
Transmission Licensee means a person authorised by an electricity licence issued under the Act to transmit electricity.
Transmission Licensee means the holder of a licence granted or treated as granted under section 6(1)(b) of the Act.
Transmission Licensee means any person who is authorised by a Transmission Licence to transmit electricity, acting in that capacity;
Transmission Licensee means PowerGrid Limited or any successor or assign, which owns and/or operates the Transmission System;