Definition of Generation Charge

Generation Charge means part of the basic service charges on every customer's bill for producing electricity. Generation service is competitively priced and is not regulated by the Public Utility Commission. This charge depends on the contract between the customer and the supplier, which is Nordic.

Examples of Generation Charge in a sentence

SDG&E believes the costs associated with PPTAs comprising this Application must utilize a CAM for the duration of those PPTAs. SDG&E's CAM proposal is fully described in SDG&E's Testimony, at Section VII.B, and calls for the adoption of a non-bypassable Local Generation Charge ("LGC") to implement the CAM requirements.
Your LDU will continue to Issue a monthly bill and the bill will include both your Transmission Charge and your Generation Charge, and any other charges incurred in accordance with this Agreement.
CalPeco accordingly requests authority to recover the costs that Sierra currently recovers through the Transmission Charge and the Generation Charge as part of its ECAC rates.160 These charges would continue to be separately stated on the bills, but identified as part of the ECAC rates, and would be collected using the same combination of per kW and per kWh charges that are used by Sierra to collect these costs through general rates currently.
The rateyou pay Spark Energy will include the Generation Charge but exclude theTransmission Charge.
Definitions Generation Charge - Charge for production of electricity.