Framework Schedules definition

Framework Schedules means the schedules to this Framework Agreement;
Framework Schedules means the Schedules to this agreement
Framework Schedules means the period from the Framework Commencement Date until the expiry or earlier termination of this Framework Agreement; means the Fees and Rebate set out in Framework Schedule 3 (Charging Structure); means the schedules to this agreement;

Examples of Framework Schedules in a sentence

  • The Parties hereby acknowledge and agree that they have read this Framework Agreement and its Framework Schedules and by signing below agree to be bound by the terms of this Framework Agreement.

  • All Framework Schedules annexed to this Framework Agreement are expressly made a part of this Framework Agreement and are hereby made effective.

  • The Joint Schedules are named as such because they were issued at the time of the OJEU notice for the Framework procurement alongside the Framework Schedules and they should also be utilised for Call-Off Contracts under the Framework.

  • If the Parties have agreed a consequence in relation to the Service Provider failing to meet a Quality Outcomes Indicator (as set out in Section 5 of the Order Form or Framework Schedules 7 or 9) and the Service Provider fails to meet the Quality Outcomes Indicator, the Customer may exercise the agreed consequence immediately and without issuing a Contract Query, irrespective of any other rights the Customer may have under this clause B30.

  • The Framework Agreement (including the Framework Schedules) and Call-Off Contract terms and conditions are available at Attachments 4 and 5 on the e-Sourcing Suite.

  • The document can be found in the documents section of the RM6119 webpage under the RM6119 Framework Schedules which can be found here.

  • This Development Contribution Scheme sets out the contributions which shall apply for a 3 year period from their approval at the bi monthly meeting of Leitrim County Council which took place on Monday November 7th 2016.

  • Officers have ensured that the direct award is permitted in accordance with Framework conditions and have reviewed the Framework Schedules which may not be relied upon when conducting a direct award.

  • Call Off Schedule 28 (O) – Call Off Specification – Customer to insert the requirements for the Deliverables based on the selected requirements from the Framework Schedule 1 (Specification) and any additional requirements needed] Please note – the Framework Schedules templates provided on our website (xxxxx:// ) are for your information only and should not be released with your Bid Pack at Further Competition.

  • Please note – the Framework Schedules templates provided on our website (xxxxx:// ) are for your information only and should not be released with your Bid Pack at Further Competition.

Related to Framework Schedules

  • Work Schedule means the approved order and timeline for how the requirements of this contract, including Work on individual Units or groups of Units, will be fulfilled by the Contractor.

  • Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule in Section VII of the tendering documents.

  • Service Schedules has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.

  • Schedules means the schedules to this Agreement;

  • Specification Schedule means the Schedule containing details of the Specification.

  • Shift Schedule means a written statement setting forth the days and hours upon which the employees are required to work.

  • Project Schedule means a document that, with respect to each Phase of the Project, identifies, coordinates and integrates the anticipated design and construction schedules, the Contracting Authority’s and Owner's responsibilities, government authority reviews and other activities as are necessary for the timely completion of the Work.

  • Tariff Schedule means the tariff schedule contained in Annexure B to this Access Arrangement or, if Envestra has published a revised tariff schedule, the tariff schedule in effect from time to time.

  • service delivery and budget implementation plan means a detailed plan approved by the executive mayor of a municipality in terms of section 53(l)(c)(ii) of the MFMA for implementing the municipality's delivery of municipal services and its annual budget, and which must indicate

  • Milestone Schedule means Seller’s milestone schedule, the form of which is attached to this Agreement as Exhibit Q.

  • Special Contract Attachments means any attachment to this Contract.

  • Completion Schedule means the fulfilment of the Related Services by the Supplier in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract;

  • Progress Schedule means a schedule of the Work, in a form satisfactory to Owner, as further set forth in Section 3.02.

  • Construction Schedule means a construction schedule indicating the planned start and completion dates of the major activities of the Work as set out in Appendix [ ], a future Appendix;

  • Appendices has the meaning ascribed to it in the recitals to the Agreement.

  • Product Schedule means PTC’s standard order form entitled “PTC Product Schedule” (including all schedules, attachments and other document(s) specifically referenced therein) or such alternative order form as may be submitted by Customer and accepted by PTC, in each case that specifies (i) the Licensed Products and/or Services ordered; and (ii) for Licensed Products, the installation address (including the Designated Country) and the Licence Term.

  • Reference Schedule means the reference schedule in Part A of this Invitation

  • Addenda “Addendum” or “Amendment(s)” shall mean a clarification, revision, addition, or deletion to this Invitation For Bid by City which shall become a part of the agreement between the parties.

  • Delivery Schedule means the schedule for the delivery of Services as set forth in attached Annex 3.

  • Service Level Agreements means an agreement between NZX and a Market Participant and/or an Advisor setting out the terms and conditions of use of NZX technology and services;

  • Project Plan means the document to be developed by the Contractor and approved by Webel Technology Ltd., based on the requirements of the Contract and the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Contractor’s bid. For the sake of clarity, the Agreed and Finalized Project Plan” refers to the version of the Project Plan submitted by the contractor after receiving the letter of Award and the same approved by Webel Technology Ltd. The project plan may be changed/ modified during the course of the project. Should the Project Plan conflict with the provisions of the Contract in any way, the relevant provisions of the Contract, including any amendments, shall prevail.

  • Development Schedule shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.1.

  • Addendum/Addenda means formally issued written or graphic modifications and/or interpretations of the Construction Documents that may add to, delete from, clarify or correct the description and/or scope of the Work. Addenda are issued during the bidding phase of the project.

  • Stop Work Order is defined in Appendix B. “Term” comprises the Initial Term and any Option Terms.

  • Project Implementation Manual or “PIM” means the manual setting out the measures required for the implementation of the Project, as the same may be amended from time to time, subject to prior approval of the Association;

  • Day-Ahead Schedule has the meaning set forth in the CAISO Tariff.