Excluded Expenses definition

Excluded Expenses means an amount a claimant pays for insurance offered under a health benefit plan for a taxable year if:
Excluded Expenses means any costs, fees or expenses of the Company or any Company Subsidiary arising out of or relating to any dispute with the Shareholder Representative or otherwise with respect to the terms of this Agreement other than the Shareholder Representative’s equal share of the fees and expenses of the Neutral Auditor and the investment bank pursuant to Section 2.4(d)(i) and except as otherwise set forth in Section 7.8.
Excluded Expenses is defined in Section 4.01(b).

Examples of Excluded Expenses in a sentence

  • The Trust acknowledges and agrees that the Adviser may delegate its responsibility to pay some or all expenses incurred by the Funds, except for Excluded Expenses, to one or more third parties, including but not limited to, Sub-Advisers.

  • The list of Excluded Expenses in this Agreement shall be automatically amended on the effective date of the Fund's Registration Statement or any amendment thereto if the list of Excluded Expenses set forth in the prospectus included in the Registration Statement differs from the list in this Agreement and such new list of Excluded Expenses was approved by a majority of the Non-Interested Directors (defined below).

  • The Manager shall pay the compensation of all officers of the Trust on behalf of the Fund and all operating and other expenses of the Fund except Excluded Expenses.

  • Such repayment shall be made monthly, but only if the operating expenses of the Fund (exclusive of any Excluded Expenses), without regard to such repayment, are at an annual rate (as a percentage of the average daily net assets of the Fund) equal to or less than the “Maximum Operating Expense Limit” for each respective class of shares of the Fund, as set forth on Schedule A.

  • Such repayment shall be made monthly, but only if the operating expenses of the Fund (exclusive of any Excluded Expenses), without regard to such repayment, are at an annual rate (as a percentage of the average daily net assets of the Fund) equal to or less than the “Maximum Operating Expense Limit” for the Fund, as set forth on Schedule A.

More Definitions of Excluded Expenses

Excluded Expenses means as follows:
Excluded Expenses means costs incurred by Administrator in employing its personnel (other than amounts payable to its personnel as described in clause (i) above), including costs associated with wages, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance and home office expenses and costs incurred to retain unaffiliated third parties to perform Nonreimbursable Services, and (y) an “Emergency Expenditure” shall mean an expense with respect to the Company, the Project Company or the Portfolio that is not included in the Annual Budget and which is incurred, in the reasonable judgment of the Administrator, to avoid or to mitigate a risk of physical injury to any Person or damage to any property, or a violation of law and with respect to which there is not a reasonable opportunity to convene a meeting of the Members in order to obtain prior approval of the expense. The Administrator shall give prompt written notice to the Members of any Emergency Expenditure. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, for the avoidance of doubt, to the extent an obligation of the Administrator is expressly to be performed at the sole expense of the Company or the Project Company, is not in violation of the express terms of this Agreement, and is not a Nonreimbursable Service, the Administrator shall be reimbursed by the Company or the Project Company, as applicable, for any amount (other than Excluded Expenses) expended from its own funds to perform such obligations.
Excluded Expenses shall have the meaning as defined in Section 8.1.8.
Excluded Expenses shall have the meaning given in Section 12.7(b).
Excluded Expenses means the following which shall not be included in Operating Expenses: (1) leasing commissions and costs of advertising the Building; (2) costs for space in the Building occupied by Landlord or its affiliates, except that costs for space occupied by the property manager of the Building shall not be excluded from Operating Expenses, (3) costs of restoration including the cost of restoring the Building resulting from a partial condemnation to the extent of Landlord’s collection of condemnation or insurance proceeds; (4) costs for salaries and benefits in respect of partners, shareholders, members, and officers of Landlord in their capacity as such; (5) the cost of any items for which Landlord is actually reimbursed by insurance (6) that portion of any cost of any work or service performed for, or a facility furnished to, any tenant or occupant of the Building that is greater than the work, service or facility which is performed or furnished generally for tenants and occupants of the Building to the extent Tenant does not benefit (or does not have the right to benefit) from such work, service or facility; (7) interest or other financing charges incurred in connection with indebtedness secured by a mortgage lien on the Real Property, and rent under any ground or underlying lease; (8) cash allowances to any tenant or occupant of the Building for leasehold improvements and decorating in connection with the initial leasing of demised premises in the Building; (9) the portion of any costs that are allocable to any other properties of Landlord or any of its affiliates, such as the portion of the personnel benefits, expenses and salaries of the type set forth in these exclusions of employees allocable to time spent by such employees in connection with properties other than the Real Property, or the portion of the premiums for any insurance carried under “blanket” or similar policies to the extent allocable to any property other than the Real Property; (10) any “gains” or ownership or control tax, mortgage recording tax, transfer or transfer gains tax, inheritance or estate tax imposed upon Landlord; (11) costs incurred in connection with preparing and negotiation of leases, amendments and modifications thereto, consents to subleases, assignments or any form of leases and attorneys’ fees and disbursements for the enforcement of tenant leases; (12) the portion (if any) of the management fee for the Building which exceeds the competitive market rate for management fees...
Excluded Expenses means (a) salary, bonuses, company cars and benefits of the Servicer’s employees, (b) office, office equipment and office rental expenses of the Servicer, (c) telecommunications expenses of the Servicer, (d) taxes on the income, receipts, profits, gains, net worth or franchise of the Servicer and payroll, employment and social security taxes for employees of the Servicer, (e) any and all financing costs (including interest and fees) relating to any indebtedness of the Servicer, and (f) all other overhead expenses of the Servicer.
Excluded Expenses means fees, costs, expenses or indemnified amounts that: