Estimated Annual Volume definition

Estimated Annual Volume means the forecast of annual volume requirements of Buyer's facility or facilities, as applicable. “Final Product” shall have the meaning set forth in Section 19.1 of these Terms.
Estimated Annual Volume means, in the case of the Primary Rate for a Terminal Location, the Primary Rate Estimated Annual Volume, and, in the case of the Secondary Rate for a Terminal Location, the Secondary Rate Estimated Annual Volume.

Examples of Estimated Annual Volume in a sentence

Thereafter, upon Nipro's submission of each quarterly forecast to TheraSense, if either party concludes that the annual purchase of Strips will be higher or lower than the Estimated Annual Volume so as to cause a different Transfer Price to obtain, the parties will agree on a price change for Strips for future shipments in such quarter.

The Estimated Annual Volume shall be used to establish the Transfer Price for the Strips for the first quarter of the upcoming year.

Estimated Annual Volume and Nutrient Production from All Sources.

By December 1 of each calendar year -------------------------- Nipro shall provide to TheraSense a non-binding written estimate of its requirements of Strips (as defined in Exhibit A) for the upcoming calendar year (the "Estimated Annual Volume").

Bulk fuel shall comply with all standards and specifications as are or may be established by the California Air Resources Board and/or VCAQMD, State and/or Federal regulations Estimated Annual Volume: The annual volumes indicated are estimates only.