Environmental impact definition

Environmental impact means any effect caused by a given activity on the environment, including human health and safety, flora, fauna, soil, air, water, climate, landscape and historical monuments or other physical structures or the interactions among these factors; it also includes effects on cultural heritage or socio-economic conditions resulting from alterations to those factors;
Environmental impact means any change to the environment resulting wholly or partially from a product during its life cycle;

Examples of Environmental impact in a sentence

  • Environmental impact Statement and Environmental Management Plan.

  • Linking the three dimensions of ‘green’In order link the three dimensions of ‘green’ (emissions, resources and potential toxicity), see also 6.1 the following formula is proposed for products: Environmental impact = A x B x energy consumption over the lifecycle + C x D x weight of the product concerned + E x F x weight of electronics boards and flame retardant plastics.

  • Procedure for reviewing Environmental impact analysis and statement.

  • Environmental impact on different characteristics of soybean ( Glycine max L Merrill.).

  • Environmental impact is assessed as part of general management strategy and steps are taken to minimise and control waste at procurement, installation and disposal stages.

More Definitions of Environmental impact

Environmental impact means the impact upon—
Environmental impact means an effect of any kind, whether immediate or delayed, on any component of the environment.]
Environmental impact means an impact caused by an event such as a cyclone or flood. Estimated Survey Costs means the costs agreed in accordance with clause 9.5.
Environmental impact means the probable effects or consequence on the natural and built environment, and people and communities of a proposed Project or businesses or activities or undertaking. Impacts can be direct or indirect, cumulative, and positive or adverse or both. For purposes of this Procedure, Environmental Impacts include occupational, social, cultural, socio-economical, public and community health, and safety issues. Social impacts that are in the nature of Involuntary Resettlement or which relate to Indigenous People, however, shall be dealt with in accordance with Article 7.
Environmental impact means any change to the environment, wholly or partially resulting from EuPs during their life cycle;
Environmental impact means any change to the environment, whether adverse or
Environmental impact means the direct or indirect emission of a substance or energy into the environment; Section 4 of the Environment Act