Eligible Loans definition

Eligible Loans has the meaning specified in the Purchase Agreement or the Sale Agreement, as applicable.
Eligible Loans means Single-family Loans that are amortizing Conforming Mortgage Loans with original terms to stated maturities of thirty (30) years or less and that satisfy all applicable requirements of this Agreement for Conforming Mortgage Loans, and shall also mean Single-family Loans that are Jumbo Mortgage Loans that otherwise meet all criteria for Eligible Loans set forth on this Schedule EL and are not subject to a Disqualifier. Each Mortgage Loan must be secured by a first priority Lien on its related Mortgaged Premises. It may bear interest at a fixed interest rate, at a fluctuating interest rate or at a fixed or fluctuating interest rate for part of its term followed, respectively, by a fluctuating or fixed interest rate for the remainder of its term. No Mortgage Loan shall be an Eligible Loan at any time:
Eligible Loans. The Eligible Dealer Loans and Eligible Purchased Loans.

Examples of Eligible Loans in a sentence

  • All references in the Master Terms to Loans, Eligible Loans, Initial Loans or Purchased Loans, as applicable, shall be deemed to refer to the Loans governed by this Initial Purchase Agreement.

  • Such a review must be public, independent, evidence-based and informed by older adults, informal caregivers, and subject-matter experts.

  • Scotiabank currently reviews the Loans in its Covered Bond Portfolio, on a periodic basis, to ensure such Loans continue to be Eligible Loans.

  • As a result of a review, a selection of Loans may be sold by the Guarantor to Scotiabank, including Loans that have ceased to be Eligible Loans or Loans that are at least 90 days past due or subject to foreclosure.

  • In order to qualify as Eligible Loans, no payment of principal of or interest on any such Loan shall be more than two hundred and ten (210) days past due as of the Statistical Cutoff Date.

More Definitions of Eligible Loans

Eligible Loans is defined on Schedule EL.
Eligible Loans means any of the following types of transitional or stabilized loans listed in (i) through (iv) below, (v) acceptable to Buyer in the exercise of its sole and absolute discretion, (w) secured directly or indirectly by an Eligible Property, (x) which has a loan term equal to or less than 10 years (assuming exercise of all extension options), (y) as to which the applicable representations and warranties set forth in Exhibit V are true and correct in all material respects as of the applicable Purchase Date, and (z) has a maximum LTV specified in Schedule 1 for the related Loan Type:
Eligible Loans means any of the following types of loans, which loans are acceptable to Buyer in its sole discretion and are secured directly or indirectly by a property that is a multifamily, retail, office, warehouse and hospitality property (or any other property type acceptable to Buyer, but excluding in all cases undeveloped land) and is located in the United States of America, its territories or possessions:
Eligible Loans means fixed or floating rate whole mortgage loans (“Whole Loans”) or senior interests (including “A” notes in an “A/B” note structure) in such Whole Loans (“Senior Interests”) or certificated participation interests in such Whole Loans or Senior Interests which are (1) denominated in an Applicable Currency and (2) secured by stabilized or un-stabilized multi-family or commercial properties (including, but not limited to, office, retail, industrial and hotel properties, but excluding, with respect to potential Foreign Purchased Loans, development and heavy restructuring facilities), which have been approved by Buyer in its sole discretion as a Purchased Loan and which satisfy all of the following criteria as of the applicable Purchase Date:
Eligible Loans means each Borrower Member Loan (a) evidenced by loan documents, including without limitation a note, borrower agreement, and loan agreement, which loan documents (i) are in form and substance substantially identical to the Standard Loan Forms attached hereto and (ii) constitute the legal, valid and binding obligation of the applicable Person, and (b) for which Borrower has arranged funding from at least ten (10) Lender Members through the sale of Borrower Securities associated with the Borrower Member Loan in an amount equal to at least twenty percent (20%) of the principal amount of such Borrower Member Loan, and (ii) pledges to Administrative Agent, for the ratable benefit of the Lenders, and to each Lender, Borrower’s interest in the promissory note evidencing the portion of the Borrower Member Loan financed through an Advance.
Eligible Loans means any of the following types of loans listed in (i) through (iv) below: