Loans definition

Loans means all of the following owed to or held by the Failed Bank as of Bank Closing:

Examples of Loans in a sentence

  • In the event any Extended Term Loans are made, such Extended Term Loans shall be repaid by each applicable Borrower in the amounts and on the dates set forth in the Extension Amendment with respect thereto and on the applicable maturity date thereof.

  • If the rate of interest (determined without regard to the preceding sentence) under this Agreement at any time exceeds the Highest Lawful Rate, the outstanding amount of the Loans made hereunder shall bear interest at the Highest Lawful Rate until the total amount of interest due hereunder equals the amount of interest which would have been due hereunder if the stated rates of interest set forth in this Agreement had at all times been in effect.

  • Notwithstanding the above, all margins with respect to Loans which are FILO Loans shall be determined based on the margins set forth in the appropriate level above plus 1.00%.

  • Computations of interest for Base Rate Loans (including Base Rate Loans determined by reference to Term SOFR) shall be computed for actual days elapsed, based on a year of 365 or 366 days, as applicable.

  • Loans by Members to the Company shall not be considered Capital Contributions.

More Definitions of Loans

Loans means mortgage loans and other types of debt financing investments made by the Partnership, either directly or indirectly, including through ownership interests in a joint venture or other entity and including mezzanine loans, B-notes, bridge loans, convertible mortgages, wraparound mortgage loans, construction mortgage loans, loans on leasehold interests, and participations in such loans.
Loans means the Revolving Loans.
Loans means the collective reference to the Revolving Credit Loans and the Swingline Loans, and “Loan” means any of such Loans.
Loans means all Revolving Loans and Swingline Loans in the aggregate or any of them, as the context shall require.
Loans means and includes without limitation any and all commercial loans and financial accommodations from Lender to Borrower, whether now or hereafter existing, and however evidenced, including without limitation those loans and financial accommodations described herein or described on any exhibit or schedule attached to this Agreement from time to time.