Hospitality Property definition

Hospitality Property. A real property comprised of hospitality space (including mixed-use property) as to which the majority of the underwritten revenue is from hospitality space.
Hospitality Property means a full service or limited service hotel or resort, a condominium or timeshare hotel or resort, an extended stay property, or a conference center, and other facilities incidental to, or in support of such property, including without limitation, restaurants and other food-service facilities, spas, golf facilities or other entertainment facilities or club, conference or meeting facilities and Intellectual Property related thereto; provided that such property shall not include any casino or other gaming property (even if only a part of a Hospitality Property) or senior living property.
Hospitality Property. A real property secured by hospitality space (including mixed-use property) as to which the majority of the underwritten revenue is from hospitality space.

Examples of Hospitality Property in a sentence

  • Ltd., as manager (the “REIT Manager”) of ARA US Hospitality Property Trust and ARA Business Trust Management (USH) Pte.

  • Ltd., as trustee-manager (the “Trustee-Manager”) of ARA US Hospitality Management Trust, DBS Trustee Limited (as trustee of ARA US Hospitality Property Trust) or any of their respective affiliates.

  • This has been given to the directors of Hospitality Property Fund Limited and will be made available for inspection.

  • The Tsogo Sun Group’s 59.2% interest in Hospitality Property Fund Limited (“HPF”) held by THL will remain owned and consolidated by THL.

  • These properties each have a detailed valuation report which has been given to the management of Hospitality Property Fund Limited.

  • IntroductionThe demands of graduate school, particularly among health professional programs, place an enormous amount of stress on students.

  • The issues which the project addressed from the start include – • the lack of the protection in some countries, • inadequacies in the protection in most countries, • and where the protection existed to some extent, the loss of that protection or failure to apply it to IP legal advice which had been transmitted cross-border.

  • The local governments must forward the charter to the Minister when applying for approval for the formation of the regional subsidiary.

  • Risks Particular to Hospitality Properties Reductions in Room Rates or Occupancy at a Hospitality Property Could Adversely Affect its Value and Cash Flow.

  • South African REIT includes companies like Growthpoint Properties, Redefine Properties, Hyprop Investments Ltd, Hospitality Property Fund and Stor-age Proprietary REIT Ltd.

More Definitions of Hospitality Property

Hospitality Property. Means, hotels, motels, youth hostels, bed and breakfasts and other similar real property interests used in one or more similar businesses;
Hospitality Property meaning as hotel or resort property;
Hospitality Property means a real estate development the primary usage of which is as a hotel or motel with individual rooms principally for short-term rental to tenants occupying same.

Related to Hospitality Property

  • University property means all real and personal property owned by the Arizona Board of Regents and used by the university and includes all such property in the possession of or subject to the control of the university.

  • Hospitality means the considerate care of guests, which may include refreshments, accommodation and entertainment at a restaurant, hotel, club, resort, convention, concert, sporting event or other venue such as Company offices, with or without the personal presence of the host. Provision of travel may also be included, as may other services such as provision of guides, attendants and escorts; use of facilities such as a spa, golf course or ski resort with equipment included;

  • railway property means any railway belonging to Network Rail and—

  • Real Estate Business means homebuilding, housing construction, real estate development or construction and related real estate activities, including the provision of mortgage financing or title insurance.

  • City Property means all Property owned or leased directly by the City. City Property includes both City-furnished and Contractor-Acquired Property. City Property includes Material, Equipment, vehicles, special tooling, special test Equipment, and real Property. City Property includes logos, trademarks and service marks owned or controlled by the City.

  • Association Property means that property, real and personal, which is owned or leased by, or is dedicated by a recorded plat to, the association for the use and benefit of its members.

  • Company Properties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.11(a).

  • Office Property means a Property improved with a building or buildings the substantial use of which is office space, which may include a Property that is part of a Mixed-Use Project.

  • Commercial real estate means real estate or an interest in real estate that is not any of the following:

  • Shopping Center means the Shopping Center identified on the initial page hereof.

  • Real Estate means all Leases and all land, together with the buildings, structures, parking areas, and other improvements thereon, now or hereafter owned by any Loan Party, including all easements, rights-of-way, and similar rights relating thereto and all leases, tenancies, and occupancies thereof.

  • Hotels means the hotel properties described in Exhibit A hereto, as it may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement of Lessee and Operator to add hotel properties or to delete hotel properties as a result of termination of this Agreement with respect to one or more hotel properties pursuant to the termination provisions set forth in this Agreement. “Hotel” shall mean any hotel set forth on Exhibit A as it may be amended from time to time.

  • Leased Real Estate means all real property that the Company or any of its Subsidiaries leases, subleases or otherwise uses or occupies, or has the right to use or occupy, pursuant to a Lease.

  • Property Owner Association Property means, for each Fiscal Year, any property within the boundaries of IA No. 2 that was owned by a property owner association, including any master or sub-association, as of January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year.

  • Environmental Infrastructure System means the Environmental Infrastructure Facilities of the Borrower, including the Project, for which the Borrower is receiving the Loan.

  • Infrastructure Improvements means a street, road, sidewalk, parking facility, pedestrian mall, alley, bridge, sewer, sewage treatment plant, property designed to reduce, eliminate, or prevent the spread of identified soil or groundwater contamination, drainage system, waterway, waterline, water storage facility, rail line, utility line or pipeline, transit-oriented development, transit-oriented property, or other similar or related structure or improvement, together with necessary easements for the structure or improvement, owned or used by a public agency or functionally connected to similar or supporting property owned or used by a public agency, or designed and dedicated to use by, for the benefit of, or for the protection of the health, welfare, or safety of the public generally, whether or not used by a single business entity, provided that any road, street, or bridge shall be continuously open to public access and that other property shall be located in public easements or rights-of-way and sized to accommodate reasonably foreseeable development of eligible property in adjoining areas. Infrastructure improvements also include 1 or more of the following whether publicly or privately owned or operated or located on public or private property:

  • Youth center means any public or private facility that is primarily used to host recreational or social activities for minors, including, but not limited to, private youth membership organizations or clubs, social service teenage club facilities, video arcades, or similar amusement park facilities.

  • Recycling center means an establishment, place of business, facility or building which is maintained, operated, or used for the storing, keeping, buying, or selling of newspaper or used food or beverage containers or plastic containers for the purpose of converting such items into a usable product.

  • Cooperative Property The real property and improvements owned by the Cooperative Corporation, including the allocation of individual dwelling units to the holders of the Coop Shares of the Cooperative Corporation.

  • Hotel means any establishment used for the purpose of temporary, overnight lodging for which a fee is paid and reservations are required.

  • Residential real estate means any real property located in this state, upon which is constructed or intended to be constructed a dwelling;

  • apartment building means a residential use building, or the residential use portion of a mixed-use building, other than a townhouse or stacked townhouse containing four or more dwelling units each of which shall have access to above grade common halls, stairs, elevators, and yards;

  • Partnership Property means any property, real, personal or mixed, or any interest therein or appurtenant thereto which may be owned or acquired by the Partnership.

  • Common Properties means and refer to those areas of land shown on any recorded subdivision plat of The Properties and intended to be devoted to the common use and enjoyment of the owners of The Properties.

  • Retail Property means Real Property that is used primarily as a retail shopping center, which may include ancillary uses such as office, medical and restaurant uses.

  • Shopping Centre means one or more buildings, or part thereof containing a group of separate permitted commercial uses having a total floor area in excess of 550 square metres, which is maintained as a single comprehensive unit and located on a single lot, such lot being held and maintained under one ownership or under condominium ownership pursuant to the Condominium Act, as amended from time to time, or any successors thereto.