Liens securing Sample Clauses

Liens securing. (i) Indebtedness of the type permitted and described in any of CLAUSES (d)(i) through (d)(iii) of SECTION 9.2.2; and
Liens securing. (a) the Notes (including any Additional Notes), the Exchange Notes, the Subsidiary Guarantees and other Obligations under this Indenture and the Security Documents and in respect thereof and any obligations owing to the Trustee or the Notes Collateral Agent under this Indenture or the Security Documents;
Liens securing. (A) the Notes issued on the Issue Date, Additional Notes issued thereafter and the related Note Guarantees and any obligations owing to the Trustee or the First Lien Collateral Agent under the Indenture Documents; and
Liens securing. Indebtedness owed by a Restricted Subsidiary to the Borrower or to another Restricted Subsidiary; and
Liens securing. Parity Lien Debt incurred pursuant to clause (2) of the definition ofPermitted Debt” and Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness in respect thereof to the extent such Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness is Parity Lien Debt or Junior Lien Debt;
Liens securing. (i) payment of foreign currency exchange or rate swap and similar agreements referred to in clause (a) of Section 7.2.2, in each case to the extent the counterparty to any such agreement is (or at the time such agreement was entered into, was) a Lender or an Affiliate of a Lender; and
Liens securing. Indebtedness permitted to exist under Section; and ---------------
Liens securing. (a) (i) Obligations with respect to Indebtedness incurred pursuant to clause (1) of Section 4.09(b) hereof, (ii) Hedging Obligations owed to the Hedge Bank and (iii) Cash Management Obligations, all of which may be First Lien Obligations;
Liens securing reimbursement obligations of the Borrower or the Guarantor under documentary letters of credit; provided, that such liens shall attach only to documents relating to such letters of credit, goods covered thereby and products and proceeds thereof;