Additional Loans definition

Additional Loans means any Additional Revolving Loans and any Additional Term Loans.
Additional Loans means the Eligible Loans evidenced by a Note or Notes sold from time to time during the Supplemental Purchase Period pursuant to an Additional Sale Agreement and related documentation, together with any guaranties and other rights relating thereto including, without limitation, Interest Subsidy Payments and Special Allowance Payments.
Additional Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.15(a).

Examples of Additional Loans in a sentence

  • If the Issuer purchases any Additional Loans and Related Security on such date, such date shall be referred to as a Further Sale Date.

  • The Additional Loans are measured at amortized cost to reflect the accretion of the share consideration paid, thereby the aggregation of accrued interest and accreted transaction costs results in an effective interest rate of 27.7%.

  • Pursuant to such Additional Loan Notice, on the date of such notice the Seller will agree to sell with full title guarantee or, in relation to Additional Loans which are Scottish Loans and their Related Security, with absolute warrandice, to the Issuer and the Issuer may agree to purchase the relevant Additional Loans and their Related Security set out therein.

  • The consideration for such repurchase shall be an amount equal to the Current Balance of the relevant Additional Loans determined as at the calendar day before such Interest Payment Date.

  • The Issuer will only be entitled to apply amounts (if any) standing to the credit of the Pre-Funding Reserves in purchasing Additional Loans from time to time and at any time up to and including the Final Additional Loan Purchase Date subject to satisfaction of the applicable Additional Loan Criteria.

More Definitions of Additional Loans

Additional Loans has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5.
Additional Loans means the Additional Revolving Loans and the Additional Term Loans.
Additional Loans. All Loans that become part of the Collateral after the Initial Funding.
Additional Loans means Mortgage Loans or cash provided by Seller to Buyer or its designee pursuant to Section 4(a).
Additional Loans. All Loans that become part of the Collateral after the Closing Date.
Additional Loans as defined in Section 2.1.
Additional Loans. All home equity line of credit loans sold by [________] to the Issuer after the Closing Date.