Term Section Sample Clauses

Term Section. Accrued Obligations Section 8(a)(i)(A) ADA Act Section 7(a) Base Salary Section 6(a) Bancorp Board Section 7(b) Bank Board Section 6(a) Bank Group Section 12(a) Benefit Plans Section 6(c) Business Section 12(a) Cause Section 7(b) Change in Control Section 9(b) Change in Effective Control Section 9(b) Change of Asset Ownership Section 9(b) Change of Control Termination Section 9(a) Change of Control Termination Date Section 9(a) Change of Ownership Section 9(b) COBRA Section 8(a)(ii) COBRA Reimbursement Section 8(a)(ii) Code Section 4 Confidential Information Section 15 Continuing Period Section 9(c)(iii) Commissioner Section 14(d) Covered Person Section 12(b) Date of Termination Section 7(f) Disability Section 7(a) Disability Effective Date Section 7(a) Effective Date Section 1 Employer Preamble Employment Period Section 4 Excess Payments Section 9(c)(vi) Executive Preamble FDIC Section 14(d) Good Reason Section 7(c) Group Section 9(b) ISOs Section 8(b) 1934 Act Section 9(b) Notice of Termination Section 7(e) NSOs Section 8(b) Other Benefits Section 8(b) Person Section 9(b) Prior Agreement Preamble Prorated Bonus Section 8(a)(i) Remaining Employment Period Section 8(a)(i)(B) Restricted Period Section 12(a) Rules Section 12(e) Section 409A Section 4 Tax Adviser Section 9(c)(vi) Terminate Section 4 Termination without Cause Section 7(d) Territory Section 12(a) Trade Secrets Section 15(a) Voluntary Termination Section 7(d) Welfare Benefit Plans Section 6(d)
Term Section. Partnership Subsidiary Documents 5.1 Partnership Unitholder Approval 8.1(a)(i) Partnership Unitholders 1.1 Partnership Units 1.1 Partnership Units 5.2(a) Party 1.1 PBGC 5.18(f) Pension Plan 5.18(f) Permitted Encumbrances 1.1 Person 1.1 Proceedings 5.15 Record Date 7.14(a) Registration Statement 6.6 Regular Distribution 3.2 Release 1.1 Representatives 1.1 Retained Company 1.1 Rights 1.1 SEC 1.1 Separation Agreement 1.1 Securities Act 1.1 Spin-Co 1.1 Spin-Co Employee 1.1
Term Section. Supplement Letter 1.1(c) Surviving Corporation 1.1(a) SVB Facility 4.1(b)(xxii) Tax or Taxes 2.6(a) Tax Incentive 2.6(b)(xii) Tax Opinions 5.14 Tax Return 2.6(a) Terminating Employee Plans 5.9(b) Triggering Event 7.1(h) URLs 2.7(a)(i) Voting Agreements Recitals Voting Debt 2.2(c) -ix- INDEX OF EXHIBITS Exhibits A-1 and A-2 Voting Agreement Exhibit B-1 and B-2 Tax Representation Letters Exhibit C Certificate of Incorporation AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF REORGANIZATION This AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF REORGANIZATION (this “Agreement”) is made and entered into as of October 25, 2007, by and among Omniture, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Parent”), Voyager Merger Corp., a Delaware corporation and direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Parent (“Merger Sub”), and Visual Sciences, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”). Hereafter, Parent, Merger Sub and Company shall be referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”
Term Section. Disputed Items Section 1.4(b) Environmental, Health, and Safety Requirements Section 2.11(c) ERISA Section 2.10(a) Escrow Account Section 1.3(b) Escrow Agreement Section 1.3(b) Estimated Closing Cash Section 1.3(a) Estimated Closing Statement Section 1.3(a) Estimated Net Working Capital Section 1.3(a) Evaluation Material Section 2.25 Final Adjustment Amount Section 1.4(e) Final Closing Statement Section 1.4(b) Financial Statements Section 2.4(b) GAAP Section 2.4(b) Governmental Entity Section 2.5(a) Indemnified Party Section 7.3(a) Insurance Policies Section 2.14 Interim Financial Statements Section 2.4(a)(ii) Latest Balance Sheet Date Section 2.4(a)(ii) Leased Real Property Section 2.17(b) Loss Section 7.2(a) Material Contracts Section 2.6 Mini-Basket Section 7.4(c) NOL Section 4.1(c) Order Section 2.6 Ordinary Course of Business Section 2.7(a) Party Preamble Permits Section 2.9(a) Permitted Liens Section 2.17(c) Post-Closing Tax Benefit Section 4.1(e) Pro Rated Purchase Price Section 1.1(d) Purchase Price Section 1.1(a) Real Property Lease Section 2.17(b) Responsible Party Section 7.3(a) Seller Indemnitee Section 7.2(b) Seller and the Sellers Preamble Shareholder Representative Preamble SMP Preamble SMP Shares Recitals
Term Section. Acceptable Confidentiality Agreement Section 8.1(a) Acquisition Agreement Section 5.4(d) Adverse Recommendation Change Section 5.4(d) Affiliate Section 8.1(b) Agreement Preamble Anti-Corruption Laws Section 3.26 Associated Party Section 8.1(c) Balance Sheet Date Section 3.11(a)(i) Book-Entry Shares Section 2.1(c)(ii) Business Day Section 8.1(d) Certificate of Merger Section 1.5 Certificates Section 2.1(c)(ii) Chosen Courts Section 8.5 Claim Section 5.6(b) Closing Section 1.4 Closing Date Section 1.4 Code Section 2.2(f) Common Stock Recitals Company Preamble Company Assets Section 3.7 Company Benefit Plan Section 3.15(a) Company Board Recitals Company Board Recommendation Recitals Company Disclosure Schedule Article III Company Equity Awards Section 2.3(d) Company Equity Plans Section 8.1(e) Company Financial Advisor Section 3.29 Company Material Adverse Effect Section 8.1(f) Company Option Section 2.3(a) Company Organizational Documents Section 8.1(g) Company Performance Awards Section 2.3(c) Company Permits Section 3.25(a) Company Stock Awards Section 2.3(b) Company SEC Reports Section 8.1(h) Compensation Committee Section 5.15 Confidentiality Agreement Section 5.3(b) Continuation Period Section 5.5(a) Contract Section 8.1(i) DGCL Recitals Dissenting Shares Section 2.4(a) Divestiture Action Section 5.8(d) Effective Time Section 1.5 Employee Section 5.5(a) Enforceability Exceptions Section 8.1(j) Term Section Environmental and Safety Laws Section 8.1(k) ERISA Section 3.15(a) Exchange Act Section 3.6(b) Excluded Shares Section 2.1(b) Expenses Section 5.10 Expiration Time Section 1.1(c) FDDs Section 3.23(f) Franchise Agreement Section 8.1(l) Franchisee Section 8.1(m) GAAP Section 3.10(a)(ii) Governmental Authority Section 8.1(n) Governmental Authorizations Section 3.6 Guarantee Section 4.8 Guarantor Recitals Hazardous Materials Section 8.1(o) HSR Act Section 3.6(d) Incidental Inbound License Section 8.1(p) Incidental Outbound License Section 8.1(q) Indemnitee or Indemnitees Section 5.6(a) Initial Expiration Time Section 1.1(c) Intellectual Property Section 8.1(r) Intervening Event Section 8.1(s) IRS Section 3.15(b) Knowledge Section 8.1(t) Law Section 8.1(u) Legal Actions Section 3.13 Liabilities, Liability Section 3.11 Licensed Intellectual Property Section 3.19(b) Liens Section 8.1(v) Material Contracts Section 3.14 Material FDDs Section 3.23(f) Maximum Premium Section 5.6(c) Merger Recitals Merger Consideration Section 2.1(c)(i) Merger Sub Preamble Merger...
Term Section. Derivative 1.1 DGCL 1.1 Distribution 7.17(a) DLLCA 1.1 DRULPA 1.1 Effective Time 2.1(b) Employee Benefit Plan 1.1 Employee Matters Agreement 1.1 Employees 1.1 Environmental Law 1.1 Environmental Permit 1.1 Equity Consideration 3.1(c) ERISA 1.1 ERISA Affiliate 1.1 Exchange Act 1.1 Exchange Agent 3.3(a)
Term Section. DOJ Section 5.5(a) Effective Time Section 2.3 Election Date Section 2.7(d) Election Share Section 2.6(c)(ii) Exchange Agent Section 2.7(a) Exchange Fund Section 2.8(a)(i) Exchange Ratio Section 2.6(c)(i) Excluded Shares Section 2.6(b) Expenses Section 7.4 Form of Election Section 2.7(c) Foreign Plans Section 3.16(q) FTC Section 5.5(a) Government Official Section 3.13(a)(i) Indemnified Parties Section 5.7(a) LLC Act Recitals Material Contract Section 3.10(a) Maximum Cash Shares Section 2.6(d)(i) Merger Recitals Merger Sub Preamble Merger LLC Preamble No Election Share Section 2.6(c)(iii) Non-Electing Holders Section 2.8(b)(i) Outside Date Section 7.1(b) Parent Preamble Parent Balance Sheet Section 4.5(b) Parent Balance Sheet Date Section 4.5(b) Parent Charter Documents Section 4.2 Parent ESPP Section 4.4(a) Parent Financial Advisor Section 4.14 Parent Material Contract Section 4.11(a)(iv) Parent Options Section 4.4(a) Parent RSUs Section 4.4(a) Per Share Cash Consideration Section 2.6(c)(ii)
Term Section. Per Share Stock Consideration Section 2.6(c)(i) Recommendation Change Notice Section 5.2(e) Required Stockholder Vote Section 3.20 Shortfall Number Section 2.6(d)(iii) Stock Election Section 2.6(c)(i) Stock Election Share Section 2.6(c)(i) Superior Proposal Notice Section 5.2(e) Surviving Company Section 5.15 Surviving Corporation Section 2.1 Tail Policy Section 5.7(b) Upstream Merger Recitals Voting Agreement Recitals WARN Act Section 3.16(e)
Term Section. Dispute Section 8.1 Dispute Notice Section 8.2 Distribution Recitals Divestiture Period Section 7.7(c)(iv) E Munich C6 Preamble E Munich C6 Indemnification Obligations Section 6.3(c)(i) Enterprise Preamble Enterprise Accounts Section 2.11(a) Enterprise Assets Section 2.2(a) Enterprise Bound Subsidiaries Section 2.2(a)(ii) Enterprise Common Stock Recitals Enterprise Confidential Information Section 7.2(a) Enterprise Counsel Section 4.8(a) Enterprise Indemnification Obligations Section 6.1 Enterprise Indemnified Parties Section 6.2 Enterprise Insurance Policies Section 7.3(a) Enterprise Liabilities Section 2.3(a) Enterprise Restricted Business Section 7.7(b) Excluded Assets Section 2.2(b) Excluded Liabilities Section 2.3(b) Existing HP Counsel Section 4.8(a) Guarantee Release Section 6.10(b) HP Preamble HP Common Shares Recitals HPI Accounts Section 2.11(a) HPI Confidential Information Section 7.2(b) HPI Counsel Section 4.8(a) HPI Indemnification Obligations Section 6.2 HPI Indemnified Parties Section 6.1 HPI Insurance Policies Section 7.3(a) HPI Restricted Business Section 7.7(a) Inc BLP C5 Preamble Inc BLP C5 Indemnification Obligations Section 6.3(b)(ii) Indemnified Party Section 6.5(a) Indemnifying Party Section 6.5(a) Indemnity Payment Section 6.5(a) Joint Insurance Policies Section 7.3(a) Joint Legal Materials Section 4.8(d) Legacy Environmental Liabilities Section 2.3(c)(vi)(B) Legal Materials Section 4.8(d) Mediation Request Section 8.3 Mixed Actions Section 6.11(c) Munich D2/D6 Preamble Munich D2/D6 Indemnification Obligations Section 6.3(c)(ii) Term Section Non-Competition Period Section 7.7(a) Pending Corporate Actions Section 6.12(b)(i) Pending Environmental Actions Section 6.12(c)(i) Plan of Reorganization Section 2.1(a) Post-Distribution Enterprise Transfer Documents Section 2.4(b) Post-Distribution HPI Transfer Documents Section 2.5(b) Pre-Distribution Transfer Documents Section 2.1(b) Procedure Section 8.3 Remediation Obligation Actions Section 6.12(c)(ii) Representatives Section 7.2(a) Separation Recitals Separation Expenses Section 7.4(a) Shared Contract Section 2.9(a) Shared Insurance Policies Section 7.3(b) Subsidiary Stock Exchange Section 3.1(i) Subsidiary Stock Recapitalization Section 3.1(i) Third Party Claim Section 6.6(a)