Dealer Games definition

Dealer Games means those games defined in Appendix A for Dealer 1 Game to Dealer 5 Game. They are: Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, Poker; Pai Gow Tiles and Craps are premium games and are paid in accordance to Appendix A.
Dealer Games mean the following list: Blackjack; Baccarat; Pai Gow; Roulette; and Poker. moved to Definitions – (11) Shift Differential for Graveyard and Weekend Shifts Employees who work shifts as defined as Graveyard or Weekend Shifts below, shall receive an additional $0 .50 per hour for the hours worked. Graveyard Shift Times: • Six, seven or eight hour shifts that start at 21:00 hours through to and including 05:00 hours; • 10 hour shifts that start at 19:00 hours through to and including 05:00 hours Weekend Shift Times – Friday and Saturday Shifts: • All shifts that start 18:00 hours through to and including 05:00 hours. Shift Differential: January 1, 2016 $0.50 January 1, 2017 $0.75 Dealer Levels: Level 1: Any one of five Level 2: Any two of five Level 3: Any three of five Level 4: Any four of five Level 5: Five Games Games pursuant to Definition "Dealer Games".
Dealer Games mean the following list: Blackjack; Baccarat; Pai Gow; Roulette; and Poker.

Examples of Dealer Games in a sentence

  • Play your favorite casino games, ...DraftKings Casino games are casino draftkings nj eligible at di ferent contribution rates: 100% (Slots, Lottery, Keno, Virtual Sports); 20% (Blackjack, Other Table Games, & Select Slots* (see below)); and 10% (Live Dealer Games, Video Poker, Baccarat, Roulette).

  • There are no outstanding loans between any Group Company and an Employee (other than loans not exceeding US$5,000 per Employee relating to travel arrangements).

  • Live Dealer Games shall be conducted using an Internet Gaming System and Table Game Simulcasting System, which shall comply with all applicable Technical Standards.

  • Subject to the provisions of these Regulations, the holder of a valid Live Dealer Studio Authorization is entitled to operate a Live Dealer Studio, to conduct Live Dealer Games and, if authorized by the Commission, to conduct interactive gaming related activities from premises located within the Territory.

  • Game symbols used in Live Dealer Games will be recorded in the Live Dealer gaming system.

Related to Dealer Games

  • Dealer-operator means the individual who works at the established place of business of a dealer

  • Dealer Agreement means any agreement between a Dealer and AmeriCredit or an Originating Affiliate relating to the acquisition of Receivables from a Dealer by AmeriCredit or an Originating Affiliate.

  • Retailer means every person engaged in the business of making sales at retail, or for distribution,

  • Dealers shall refer to alternate distribution sources for an OEM that are authorized and designated by said OEM, subject to approval by New York State.

  • Dealer Recourse means, with respect to a Receivable, all recourse rights against the Dealer which originated the Receivable, and any successor to such Dealer.

  • Dealer means a dealer who sold a Financed Vehicle and who originated and assigned the respective Receivable to AmeriCredit or an Originating Affiliate under a Dealer Agreement or pursuant to a Dealer Assignment.

  • Dealership means a site or location in this state:

  • Dealer Manager means Realty Capital Securities, LLC, or such other Person selected by the Board of Directors to act as the dealer manager for the Offering.

  • Wholesaler means any person, other than a vintner, brewer or bottler of beer or wine, who shall sell, barter, exchange, offer for sale, have in possession with intent to sell, deal or traffic in alcoholic liquor, wine, or beer. A wholesaler shall not sell for consumption upon the premises.

  • Consumer-goods transaction means a consumer transaction in which:

  • End User means, in the event that the Services or Deliverables involve the use of any information systems, any and all UNICEF employees, consultants and other personnel and any other external users collaborating with UNICEF, in each case, authorized by UNICEF to access and use the Services and/or Deliverables.

  • Dealer Managers shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble.

  • wholesale customer means a natural or legal person purchasing electricity for the purpose of resale inside or outside the system where he is established;

  • Manufactured home dealer means any person, firm or

  • Distributor means a person who distributes.

  • OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • Dealer Manager Fee means the fee from the sale of Shares in a Primary Offering, payable to the Dealer Manager for serving as the dealer manager of such Primary Offering.

  • Licensed dealer means a person who is federally licensed under 18 U.S.C. Sec. 923(a).

  • Vehicle dealer means a person engaged in the business of buying, selling, or exchanging a vehicle as defined in Subsection (138).

  • Telemarketer means any person who, in connection with telemarketing, initiates or receives telephone calls to or from a customer or donor.

  • End Users means a Third Party residence or business that subscribes to Telecommunications Services provided by any of the Parties at retail. As used herein, the term “End User(s)” does not include any of the Parties to this Agreement with respect to any item or service obtained under this Agreement.

  • Bidder/Channel Partner means an eligible entity/firm submitting the Bid in response to this RFP.

  • Wholesale dealer s license” means a license granted by the

  • End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.

  • Retail dealer means a person engaged in the business of storing and dispensing motor fuel from a motor fuel pump for sale on a retail basis, regardless of whether the motor fuel pump is located at a retail motor fuel site including a permanent or mobile location.

  • embedded distributor means a distributor who is not a wholesale market participant and that is provided electricity by a host distributor;