Dealership definition

Dealership means a site or location in this state:
Dealership means any of the following:
Dealership means the location at which a dealer stores or intends to store the industrial hemp in

Examples of Dealership in a sentence

  • The Dealership or Showroom shall be responsible for pursuing its remedies.

  • If the Dealer fails to correct the errors or omissions within the additional fourteen (14) calendar days, CSE will cancel the application, and the BPU will not release the reserved funds to the Dealership.

  • If it is still not possible to start the engine, contact an Alfa Romeo Dealership.Activation of warning light while drivingIf the icon appears on the display,this means that the system is running a self-diagnosis (for example due to a voltage drop).If the icon continues to bedisplayed, contact an Alfa Romeo Dealership.

  • If, after five business days, applicant or a Dealership or Showroom has not received an acknowledgment, they should contact the BPU Program Administrator at

  • An applicant, Dealership, Showroom, or vehicle manufacturer providing a false statement in any of the information submitted to the FY23 Program may be criminally liable in accordance with applicable state or federal statutes, and any such false statement could result in incentive denial or incentive reimbursement denial and/or removal from the Charge Up New Jersey program.

More Definitions of Dealership

Dealership means the retail sale business engaged in by a dealer under a dealer agreement;
Dealership means the location from which a dealer buys, sells, leases, trades, stores, takes on consignment or in any other manner deals in new motor vehicles.
Dealership means the retail sale business engaged in by a
Dealership means the retail sale business
Dealership means the business of selling or attempting to effect the sale by a dealer of new equipment, or the right, whether by written or oral arrangement with a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler for a definite or indefinite period of time, to sell or attempt to effect the sale of new equipment.
Dealership means the physical premises and business facilities on which a franchised dealer operates the dealer's business, including the sale and repair of motor vehicles. The term includes premises or facilities at which a person engages only in the repair of a motor vehicle if the repair is performed under a franchise and a motor vehicle manufacturer's warranty.