Arrest definition

Arrest the Ship is arrested, confiscated, seized, taken in execution, impounded, forfeited, detained in exercise or purported exercise of any possessory lien or other claim or otherwise taken from the possession of the Borrower and the Borrower shall fail to procure the release of the Ship within a period of fourteen (14) days thereafter; or
Arrest means a record from any jurisdiction that does not result in a Conviction and includes information indicating that a person has been questioned, apprehended, taken into custody or detained, or held for investigation by a law enforcement, police, or prosecutorial agency and/or charged with, indicted, or tried and acquitted for any felony, misdemeanor or other criminal offense.

Examples of Arrest in a sentence

  • If you were presented an Arrest Warrant, a sworn Affidavit MUST be attached to it.

  • We will not pay the benefit for Sudden Cardiac Arrest if the sudden cardiac arrest is caused by or contributed to by a Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction).

  • Arrest Compliance with rules on the handing over of those arrested by the armed forces to the police An international source wishing to remain anonymous reported that most arrests in the north of the country were made by the armed forces and people were then usually handed over to the police after seven days.

  • A number of actions which have already been implemented – the European Arrest Warrant, combating terrorist financing, intervention and aid to regions experiencing conflict and restoring good government in the Balkans and fostering democracy – have been successful in staking out an effective EU defence against terror.

  • Polish Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Response to Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA): A Retrospective Study.

More Definitions of Arrest

Arrest means the act of apprehending a person for the alleged commission of an offence or by the action of an authority;
Arrest means the same as defined in Section 804.5 of the Code of Iowa and includes taking into custody pursuant to Section 232.19 of the Code of Iowa.
Arrest means the same as defined in section 804.5 and includes taking into custody pursuant to section 232.19.
Arrest means the detention of a ship by judicial process to secure a maritime claim, but does not include the seizure of a ship in execution or satisfaction of a judgment.
Arrest means taking a person into custody in the manner authorized by law.
Arrest means a taking into custody of a child by law enforcement in the manner