Covenant Area definition

Covenant Area means all of the Land except that portion shown outlined in heavy black line and
Covenant Area means the California counties of San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, Orange, Los Angeles and Alameda, together with any other county or portion of California or any other state or country in which Company, its predecessors and subsidiaries have done business in the past three (3) years. For purposes of this Agreement, "Craft Brewing Business" shall mean the development, brewing, marketing or distribution of premium quality specialty beers, ciders or other brewed alcoholic beverages. Categories of Craft Brewing include, but are not limited to: contract brews, regional craft brews, microbrews, large xxxxxx craft-style brews, and brewpub brews.
Covenant Area means all of the Land except that portion shown outlined in heavy black line and identified as “Area Required” on the Plan;

Examples of Covenant Area in a sentence

  • Owner’s notice shall include the name, address and telephone number of the Transferee, and a copy of the original document that imposed restrictions on the Covenant Area.

  • This Agreement shall be perpetual to reflect the public interest in the protection, preservation, conservation, maintenance and enhancement of the Covenant Area and the Amenities.

  • Subject to Article 4, the Owner reserves all of its rights as owner of the Land, including the right to use, occupy and maintain the Covenant Area in any way that is not expressly restricted or prohibited by this Agreement, so long as the use, occupation or maintenance is consistent with the intent of this Agreement.

  • The effective date of this Environmental Covenant shall be the date upon which the fully executed Environmental Covenant has been recorded as a deed record for the Covenant Area with the ___________ County Recorder.

  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL COVENANT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITY AND USE LIMITATIONS: [In the notice, restate restrictions from Paragraph 5 of this Covenant] Owner shall notify Ohio EPA within ten (10) days after each conveyance of an interest in any portion of the Covenant Area.

More Definitions of Covenant Area

Covenant Area means an area to which this Covenant applies as described in Item 2 of the Form 31.
Covenant Area means the following:
Covenant Area means that area of any subdivided lot adjacent to reserve 5 as shown on the scheme plan of subdivision attached in Schedule 1 which lies within the topography of the gully (subject to final survey).
Covenant Area means all of the Land except that portion shown outlined in heavy black line on the Plan;
Covenant Area means the area or areas referred to in item 2 of the Form 31 entered into between the Covenantor and the Council and “Covenant Areas” has a similar meaning.
Covenant Area as to any Management Shareholder shall mean each city, county, state and similar political subdivision in the United States in which such Management Shareholder was engaged on behalf of the Company or its Affiliates in the Company's Line of Business.
Covenant Area means that portion of the Land shown outlined in heavy black outline on Reference Plan EPP113083 prepared by Xxxx X Xxxxxx BCLS and certified correct on June 30, 2021, a reduced copy of which is attached to this Agreement as Schedule “A”.