Cultural Values Sample Clauses

Cultural Values. The Supplier must deliver the Services in a culturally appropriate and competent manner, ensuring that the integrity of each patient's/Service user's/client's culture is acknowledged and respected. The Supplier must take into account the particular needs within the community serviced so that there are no barriers to access or communication, and that the Services are safe for all people. The Supplier must include significant local or service-specific ethnic and other cultural groups in assessing satisfaction with the Services.
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Cultural Values. You will deliver services in a culturally appropriate and competent manner, ensuring that the integrity of each consumer’s culture is acknowledged and respected. You will take account of the particular needs within the community served in order that there are no barriers to access or communication, and that your services are safe for all people. You will include significant local or service specific ethnic and other cultural groups in assessing satisfaction with services. You will incorporate Maori principles/tikanga into your organisation. These are explained further in B10.
Cultural Values. The Land embodies significant cultural values (collectively “Cultural Values”) of profound importance to the Tribe, and respected by the Land Holder, including those described below. [Can include historical and/or prehistoric context, and other information important to the Tribe]
Cultural Values. Placement Resource families must show respect for the child’s individual cultural heritage. Efforts must be made by the Placement Resource families to provide similar cultural experiences, to the background of the child, when possible.
Cultural Values. Should evidence of historical, archeological, or paleontological sites be discovered in the course of the Construction Work, EPCWID shall immediately suspend work and advise the County. The County acknowledges the existence of an agreement between EPCWID and the State of Texas and/or the State Historical Preservation Officer for the State of Texas and accepts this Agreement subject to all provisions of such agreement.

Related to Cultural Values

  • Cultural Leave Where such leave is approved by the employer, teachers participating in recognised cultural activities within New Zealand or outside New Zealand are entitled to leave with pay on the same conditions as for sports leave.

  • Cultural Heritage 1. The IVG shall monitor and verify the preservation of cultural heritage in the Old City in accordance with the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List rules. For this purpose, the IVG shall have free and unimpeded access to sites, documents, and information related to the performance of this function.

  • Cultural ceremonial leave may be taken as whole or part days off. Each day or part thereof, shall be deducted from:

  • CULTURAL DIVERSITY The Cultural Diversity Requirement generally does not add units to a student's program. Rather, it is intended to be fulfilled by choosing courses from the approved list that also satisfy requirements in other areas of the student’s program; the exception is that Cultural Diversity courses may not satisfy Culture and Language Requirements for B.S. students. For example, Anthropology 2 can fulfill (3) units of the Social and Behavioral Science requirement and (3) units of the Cultural Diversity requirement. This double counting of a class may only be done with the Cultural Diversity requirement. Courses in Cultural Diversity may be taken at the lower-division or upper-division level. U . S . H I S T O R Y I N S T I T U T I O N A L R E Q U I R E M E N T HIST 17.1, 17.2, 18.1, 18.2, 20, 21, 26

  • CULTURAL LEAVE FOR ABORIGINAL EMPLOYEES The Superintendent of Schools or their designate, may grant five (5) paid days per year leave with seven (7) days written notice from the employee to participate in Aboriginal Cultural event(s). Such leave shall not be unreasonably denied.

  • Minimum Standards (a) It is intended that the provisions contained in the Employment Standards Act and Regulations (Act), presently in effect and from time to time amended, are minimum requirements only.

  • Cultural Resources If a cultural resource is discovered, the Purchaser shall immediately suspend all operations in the vicinity of the cultural resource and notify the Forest Officer. Operations may only resume if authorized by the Forest Officer. Cultural resources identified and protected elsewhere in this contract are exempted from this clause. Cultural resources, once discovered or identified, are not to be disturbed by the Purchaser, or his, her or its employees and/or sub- contractors.

  • Cultural Competency 1. All program staff shall receive at least one (1) in-service training per year on some aspect of providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services. At least once per year and upon request, Contractor shall provide County with a schedule of in-service training(s) and a list of participants at each such training.

  • Population The Population shall be defined as all Paid Claims during the 12-month period covered by the Claims Review.

  • Cultural cooperation 1. The aims of cultural cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for cultural cooperation; and (b) to promote information and cultural exchanges between the Parties. 2. The Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities, including, but not limited to: (a) dialogue on cultural policies and promotion of local culture; (b) exchange of cultural events and promote awareness of artistic works; (c) exchange of experience in conservation and restoration of national heritage; (d) exchange of experience on management for the arts; (e) protecting archaeological monuments and cultural heritage; (f) having a consultation mechanism between the Parties' culture authorities; and (g) cooperation in the audio-visual field, mainly coproduction and training programs in this sector and means of communication, including training, development and distribution activities.

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