Competitor definition

Competitor means any individual or entity that, at any time during the Term, whether directly or through an Affiliate, owns in whole or in part, or is the licensor or franchisor of a Competing Brand, irrespective of the number of hotels owned, licensed or franchised under such Competing Brand name. A Competitor does not include an individual or entity that: (i) is a franchisee of a Competing Brand; (ii) manages a Competing Brand hotel, so long as the individual or entity is not the exclusive manager of the Competing Brand; or (iii) owns a minority interest in a Competing Brand, so long as neither that individual or entity nor any of its Affiliates is an officer, director, or employee of the Competing Brand, provides services (including as a consultant) to the Competing Brand, or exercises, or has the right to exercise, Control over the business decisions of the Competing Brand.
Competitor means a Person engaged, directly or indirectly (including through any partnership, limited liability company, corporation, joint venture or similar arrangement (whether now existing or formed hereafter)), in substantially the same business as the Company, but shall not include any financial investment firm or collective investment vehicle that, together with its Affiliates, holds less than 20% of the outstanding equity of any Competitor and does not, nor do any of its Affiliates, have a right to designate any members of the board of directors of such Competitor.
Competitor means any entity that provides products or services that compete with or are alternatives to the principal products produced or services provided by the Corporation or its affiliates;

Examples of Competitor in a sentence

  • The Competitor Collaboration Guidelines are aimed at assisting businesses in assessing the likelihood of an antitrust challenge to collaboration with one or more competitors.

  • In February 2013, Ted Horstman and Competitor signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the possible sale.

  • Under G2.7.1, Championship Stewards are also empowered to consider any request from the Championship co-ordinator to penalise any Competitor for any breach of Championship regulations after holding a formal hearing to impose a penalty in accordance with C.2.1.1 (subject to the rights of appeal provided for in Section C).

  • Competitor networks are defines for action in the Brazilian market.

  • Any Competitor adjudged to have made a false start or breached any part of the start procedure will be penalised by means of a ten second penalty being added to his total race time.

More Definitions of Competitor

Competitor means any Person engaged, wholly or in part, in Competitive Services.
Competitor means any Person which is a direct competitor of the Borrower or its Subsidiaries if, at the time of a proposed assignment, the Administrative Agent and the assigning Lender have actual knowledge that such Person is a direct competitor of Borrower or its Subsidiaries because such Competitor is specifically identified by the Borrower as a competitor in writing to the Administrative Agent (and by the Administrative Agent to the Lenders through the Platform); provided, that in connection with any assignment or participation, the Assignee or Participant with respect to such proposed assignment or participation that is an investment bank, a commercial bank, a finance company, a fund, or other Person which merely has an economic interest in any such direct competitor and does not Control such Competitor and is not under common Control with such Competitor, and is not itself such a direct competitor of the Borrower or its Subsidiaries, shall not be deemed to be a direct competitor for the purposes of this definition.
Competitor means (i) any Person operating an Eligible Business and (ii) any Affiliate of any Person described in clause (i) (other than any Affiliate of such Person as a result of common control by a Governmental Authority or instrumentality thereof and any Affiliate of such Person under common control with such Person which Affiliate is not actively involved in the management and/or operations of such Person).
Competitor means any Person that is engaged in (or intends or proposes to engage in, or has been organized for the purpose of engaging in) a Competing Business in the Company’s Market Area.
Competitor has the meaning set forth in Section 11(b).