Definition of Substantial Involvement

Substantial Involvement means involvement on the part of the Government. DOE's involvement may include shared responsibility for the performance of the Project; providing technical assistance or guidance which the Applicant is to follow; and the right to intervene in the conduct or performance of the Project. Such involvement will be negotiated with each Applicant prior to signing any agreement.

Examples of Substantial Involvement in a sentence

Substantial Involvement Description for Cooperative Agreement IHS is interested in assessing the extent to which strategies employed by grantees are consistent with the Zero Suicide model, assessing the feasibility of implementing the Zero Suicide model in health care settings, and determining the outcomes associated with implementation.
Description of ACF's Anticipated Substantial Involvement Under the Cooperative Agreement All awards will be fully funded.
Statement of Substantial Involvement EERE has substantial involvement in work performed under Awards made following this FOA.
Anticipated Substantial Involvement by Awarding Office The Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office and the Innovation Center anticipate substantial involvement in partnering with the ECCPs by providing technical assistance, team or individual-based counseling, sharing best practices (e.g., via webinars, conference calls, etc.) information on industry trends, and other activities to aid in the success of the Initiative.
C.12 STATEMENT OF SUBSTANTIAL INVOLVEMENT PROVIDED AS ATTACHMENT A Statement of Substantial Involvement applicable to this cooperative agreement is provided as an attachment to this award.