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Direct Competitor means any entity, or other business concern that offers or plans to offer products or services that are materially competitive with any of the products or services being manufactured, offered, marketed, or are actively developed by Dell as of the date your employment with Dell ends. By way of illustration, and not by limitation, at the time of execution of this Agreement, the following companies are currently Direct Competitors: Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, IBM, Gateway, Apple, Acer, CDW, EDS, EMC, Software House International, Insight (Software Spectrum), Softchoice, and Digital River. You understand and agree that the foregoing list of Direct Competitors represents a current list of Dell Direct Competitors as of the date of execution of this Agreement and that other entities may become Direct Competitors in the future.

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Nothing in this provision shall divest Executive from the right to acquire as a passive investor (with no involvement in the operations or management of the business) up to 1% of any class of securities which is: (i) issued by any Direct Competitor, and (ii) publicly traded on a national securities exchange or over-the-counter market.

Each Lender shall have the right at any time to sell one or more participations to any Person (other than Holdings, any of its Subsidiaries or any of its Affiliates or a Direct Competitor) in all or any part of its Revolving Commitments, Revolving Loans or in any other Obligation.

You agree that you shall not at any time during your employment and during the Restricted Period, on behalf of yourself or any other Person, directly or by assisting others, solicit, induce, encourage or cause any of the Company’s vendors, suppliers, licensees, or other Persons with whom the Company has a contractual relationship and with whom you have had Material Contact during the last two years of your employment, to cease doing business with the Company or to do business with a Direct Competitor.

Executive agrees that while employed by the Company and for a period equal to the Restricted Period thereafter, he will not, directly (i.e., as an officer or employee) or indirectly (i.e., as an independent contractor, consultant, advisor, board member, agent, shareholder, investor, joint venturer, or partner), engage in, provide or perform any of the Executive Services on behalf of any Direct Competitor anywhere within the United States.

Section 138.17, which outlines the continuing education requirements, is authorized by Texas Oc- cupations Code §1071.305, which permits the Board to promul- gate continuing professional education rules.

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Direct Competitor means any Person designated by the Borrower to the Administrative Agent that is a business development company and is a “direct competitor” of the Borrower, and is specified on a list, which shall not include more than twenty (20) such Persons, on file with the Administrative Agent on the Restatement Effective Date, which such list may be updated (but in no event will include more than twenty (20) Persons) from time to time when no Event of Default is in existence by the Borrower with the consent of the Administrative Agent (not to be unreasonably withheld), and which list shall be made available by the Administrative Agent to the Lenders upon request.
Direct Competitor means (a) any Person engaged in the same or similar line of business as Holdings, (b) any Person that is a direct competitor of Holdings or any Subsidiary of Holdings and is identified as such by the Company to the Administrative Agent prior to the Original Closing Date (as such list is updated by the Company from time to time, and acknowledged in writing by the Administrative Agent (such acknowledgment not to be unreasonably withheld)) in the list set forth in the Undertakings Agreement, or (c) any Affiliate of any such Person; provided that, any Person (other than any Person listed in clause (b) and their Affiliates) that either (i) both (A) has a market capitalization equal to or greater than $5 billion and (B) that is in the business of investing in commercial loans that generally have an original par amount in excess of $10,000,000 or (ii) that is an Approved Fund, shall in either case not be deemed a “Direct Competitor” hereunder.
Direct Competitor means any Person who is a direct competitor of PTP or any of its Subsidiaries if Agent and the assigning Lender have actual knowledge of the foregoing (including, upon notification by Borrower); provided that in connection with any assignment or participation, the assignee with respect to such proposed assignment that is an investment bank, a commercial bank, a finance company, a fund or other entity which merely has an economic interest in any such Person, and is not itself such a direct competitor of PTP, shall be deemed not to be a Direct Competitor for the purposes of this definition so long as it does not exercise direct control over, or is controlled directly or indirectly by, such Person that is a direct competitor of PTP.
Direct Competitor any Person, or any Person that controls or is under common control with or that is controlled by a Person, that (i) owns, directly or indirectly, a Lodging Competitor Brand or a Destination Club Competitor Brand or (ii) is a master franchisee, master franchisor or sub-franchisor for a Lodging Competitor Brand or a Destination Club Competitor Brand (for the purposes hereof, the terms master franchisee, master franchisor, and sub-franchisor each mean a Person that has been granted the right by a franchisor to offer and sell subfranchises for such Person’s own account); provided that any prospective Assignee that is a commercial bank shall not constitute a Direct Competitor if it acquired its interest in a Person that is a Direct Competitor as a consequence of having been a lender to a Person that is a Direct Competitor. For purposes of this definition, “control” of a Person means the power, directly or indirectly, to direct or to cause the direction of the management and policies of such Person, whether by contract or otherwise.
Direct Competitor has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(a) herein.
Direct Competitor means an Entity engaged in the business of (1)(a) selling electric power or natural gas at retail or wholesale within the State of Michigan, or (b) selling electric power at wholesale within the market area in which an electric generating plant owned by an Affiliate of CMS Enterprises Company is located or (c) storing natural gas within the State of Michigan or (d) generating, transmitting or distributing electricity or natural gas within the State of Michigan, or (2) developing an electric generating plant within the State of Michigan or a market area in which an electric generating plant owned by an Affiliate of CMS Enterprises Company is located. A “Direct Competitor” also means any Entity that the Committee designates as a Direct Competitor, prior to the termination date specified in a Notice of Termination, that it believes, in good faith, is a competitor to CMS Energy Corporation or its Affiliates.