Commissioned definition

Commissioned means that all of the Commissioning Tests have been successfully completed, followed or passed (as appropriate) in relation to the Facility (or a part of the Facility), and grammatical variations thereof shall be construed accordingly;
Commissioned. – means the successful completion of the tests carried out on the Facility in accordance with, and meeting the minimum requirements stated in, Schedule 3 of the PPA and the Facility shall be Commissioned as of the date specified in a certificate issued by the Engineer as the date that such testing was completed and such minimum requirements were met.

Examples of Commissioned in a sentence

  • All applicants must sign and submit to the Secretary, a written contract agreeing to accept repayment of educational loans and to serve for the applicable period of obligated service in a priority site as determined by the Secretary, and submit a signed affidavit attesting to the fact that they have been informed of the relative merits of theU.S. PHS Commissioned Corps and the Civil Service as employment options.

  • Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group commissions the Palliative Care Locally Commissioned Service.

  • There are also services commissioned by the NHS (see Section 10) and Locally Commissioned Services (see Section 11).All the services listed in Sections 9.1 to 9.3 below as essential, advanced and enhanced services below are considered as ‘necessary’.

  • Commissioned officers of the Department of Public Safety are not entitled to appeal intra-agency transfer to the Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission pursuant to the Oklahoma Personnel Act unless transfer is in violation of Section 840-2.5 or 840-2.9 of Title 74 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

  • Navy optometrist lokoing to transfer.One new grad who is applying to positions in Alaska and may be interested in Commissioned Corps.

More Definitions of Commissioned

Commissioned means being authorized to perform various acts or duties of a police officer,
Commissioned or “commissioning” means the first time a plant is put into operation following initial construction or modernization if the costs of modernization are at least 50 percent of the costs that would be required to build a new plant including all buildings and structures technically required for the new plant’s operation. However, these terms shall not include activities necessary to establish operational readiness of a plant.
Commissioned means a notification by BPDB, that the tests for the Project have been completed in accordance with Schedule 2 and that the Project meets the pertinent characteristics stated in Schedules 1 and 4.
Commissioned. , in relation to a MIRN, means that:
Commissioned means specific projects, works, or products contracted for by the College with an individual or group of individuals for a time specified in the commission contract.
Commissioned or “Commissioning” means the first time a plant is put into operation following the initial construction of the plant.
Commissioned means an authorization granting the power to perform various acts or duties