Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor definition

Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor means the Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor of the Authority, as the case may be
Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor means the Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor of the Authority.
Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor means the Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor of the Authority, as the case may be.xiv) Work Order means a letter from the Authority conveying the acceptance of the tender/offer subject to such reservations as may have been stated therein. xv) Day : means a calendar day beginning and ending at mid-night. xvi) Week : means seven consecutive calendar days xvii) Month : means the one Calendar month. xviii) Site means the National Inland Navigation Institute (NINI). xix) Drawings : means the drawings referred to in the specifications and / or appended with the tender document, any modifications of such drawings approved in writing by the Engineer- in-Charge and shall also include drawings issued for actual execution of the work time to time by the Engineer-in-Charge. xx) Urgent Works: means any urgent nature which in the opinion of the Engineer-In-Charge become necessary at the time of execution and / or during the progress of work to obviate any risk or accident or failure or to obviate any risk of damage to the vessel structure, or required to accelerate the progress of work or which becomes necessary for security or for any other reason the Engineer-in-Charge may deem expedient. xxi) Work/ works: means work / works to be executed in accordance with the contract. xxii) Schedules referred to in these conditions shall mean the relevant schedules annexed to the tender papers or the standard schedule of rates of the govt. mentioned with the amendments thereto issued up to the date of receipt of the tender. xxiii) District specifications means the specifications followed by the State Government in the area where the work is to be executed. xxiv) Tendered value means the value of the entire work as stipulated in the letter of award. CLAUSE – 2: INTERPRETATIONS 2.1 Words imparting the singular only shall also include the plural; he includes she and vice- versa unless this is repugnant to the context.Heading and marginal notes in these General Conditions shall not be deemed to form part thereof or be taken into consideration in the interpretation of construction thereof of the contract. CLAUSE – 3: SECURITY DEPOSIT

Examples of Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor in a sentence

  • POST COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS BASIC HYDROGRAPHY COURSE (BASIC ‘H’)- National Institute of Hydrography- To enable officers to undertake duties of Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor.

  • Unless directed by Chief Engineer (Civil)/ Member (Technical) otherwise, Engineer-in-Charge for the bandalling work shall be the Director of concerned RO/ FO his representative shall be Assistant Director/ Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor and/or Technical Assistant/ Junior Hydrographic Surveyor as nominated by the Engineer-in-charge.

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