Group supervision definition

Group supervision means the process of clinical supervision of no more than six persons in a group setting provided by a qualified supervisor.
Group supervision means one supervisor meeting with a maximum of six supervisees.

Examples of Group supervision in a sentence

  • Amounts are expressed in millions of United States dollars, except for share, per share, percentage and ratio information.This Financial Condition Report has been compiled in accordance with the Insurance (Group Supervision) Rules 2011, as amended, of Bermuda.

  • See syllabus for more information.Case Conceptualization and Group Supervision Presentation Supervisors will be invited to participate in one hour group supervision during the semester to present a case with you.

  • Group Supervision All students must receive a minimum of one and one-half hours (1 ½) of group supervision per week for each semester the student is enrolled in practicum and internship.

  • Assignment to Group Supervision Students will be provided with group supervision times from which to choose.

  • Group Supervision: will take the form of weekly Team meetings during which approaches to treatment and case management will be discussed.

More Definitions of Group supervision

Group supervision means supervision between the supervisor and no more than three supervisees, unless preapproved by the Board.
Group supervision means a minimum of three (3) and no more than eight (8) marriage and family supervisees or associates in a clinical setting during the supervision hour. A supervision hour is fifty minutes.
Group supervision means face-to-face supervision with an approved supervisor, involving one supervisor and no more than six li- censure candidates.
Group supervision means an assemblage of two (2) to six (6) Candidates.
Group supervision. ’ means a regularly scheduled meeting of not more than six (6) supervi- sees, and an approved supervisor, for a minimum of two (2) hours.
Group supervision means an assemblage of counseling supervisees consisting of from two (2) to six (6) members and no more than one-half (½) of the required supervision hours may be received in group supervision. Technology-assisted supervision shall not account for more than 56.25 hours of the total requirement. Technology-assisted supervision shall not account for more than 56.25 hours of the total requirement.
Group supervision means more than one counselor licensed under this part meets with the supervisor at the same time.