General supervision definition

General supervision means that general instructions are given and tasks are undertaken to achieve the required outcomes or objectives. Discretion and choice in selecting the most appropriate method for completing the allotted tasks is expected and encouraged.
General supervision means that a dentist has examined the patient and has delegated the services to be provided by a registered dental assistant, which are limited to all extraoral duties, dental radiography, intraoral suctioning, and use of a curing light, intraoral digital imaging and intraoral camera. The dentist need not be present in the facility while these services are being provided.
General supervision means supervision of a dental

Examples of General supervision in a sentence

  • General supervision is provided during set-up and dismantling times.

  • General supervision of the research group is not sufficient for authorship.

  • General supervision system (including monitoring, complaints, hearings, etc.) identifies and corrects noncompliance as soon as possible but in no case later than one year from identification.

  • General supervision and direction of the work by the ARCHITECT shall in no way imply that the ARCHITECT or its representatives are in any way responsible for the safety of the CONTRACTOR or its employees or that the ARCHITECT or its representatives will maintain supervision over the CONTRACTOR’s construction methods or personnel other than to ensure that the quality of the finished work is in accordance with the Project documents.

More Definitions of General supervision

General supervision means the procedure is furnished under the supervising physician’s overall direction and control, but the physician is not required to be present during the procedure. General Supervision requires the performance of tasks and procedures in a manner that is consistent with state law, the applicable standard of care, Medical Staff Bylaws and hospital policies and procedures, but does not require Personal Supervision or Proximate Supervision, as those terms are defined below.
General supervision means supervision requiring that a dentist authorize the procedures, but not requiring that a dentist be present when the authorized procedures are performed. The authorized procedures may also be performed at a place other than the usual place of practice of the dentist.
General supervision means that the supervisor is available for consultation with the supervisee by personal face to face contact, or direct voice contact by telephone, radio, or some other means within a reasonable time consistent with the acts and practices in which the supervisee is engaged.
General supervision means the supervisory dentist has
General supervision means that the supervising licensee:
General supervision means the supervisory dentist has previously diagnosed any conditions to be treated, has personally authorized the procedures to be performed by a dental hygienist, and will evaluate the results of the dental treatment within a reasonable time as determined by the nature of the procedures performed, the needs of the patient, and the professional judgment of the supervisory dentist;