CRM definition

CRM means the DDA Case Resource Manager.

Examples of CRM in a sentence

  • The following Tax User Guides have beenupdated and is available to downl oad from the GreatSoft FTP site, under /GreatSoft/release_10/GS CRM 2015 Release/GS CRM 2015 Installation Kit/05.

  • The personal experience and expertise of the CRM practitioner should not be ignored.

  • The difficulties and barriers that prevent SMEs from using CRM and eCRM tools to improve their natural ability to manage customer relations should be removed.

  • Affluent segment provides Investment advisory service for its clients.16 CRM OFFICE This Office deals in analysis and development models of client relationships as well as supervision and implementation of measurements of key indicators related to the effectiveness of the distribution network, production and services aimed at physical persons for the Bank and other members of the PBZ Group.

  • For academics, potential new fields of CRM and eCRM research are explained, and for practitioners, new perspectives on CRM and eCRM applications are hypothesized.

More Definitions of CRM

CRM refers to PeopleGuru’s online system for support ticket management which Customer is required to utilize for reporting, communicating, and tracking support and assistance requests to PeopleGuru via e-mail or telephone.
CRM means the Crocodile River Mine, comprising the Company’s PGM mineral rights located on the eastern portion of the western limb of the BIC, in the North West Province, South Africa;
CRM means recognized CRM.