Sprint definition

Sprint means a set period of time during which specific work is realized and made ready for review.
Sprint means Sprint Communications Company, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership.
Sprint means Sprint Corporation, a Kansas corporation.

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Plaintiffs contend that the Board’s decision merely parroted the law without offering any supporting facts or analysis, and thus is insufficient to satisfy the requirements of the TCA.As noted, it is not sufficient under the TCA for a board to simply recite the applicable address any specific factors that relate [to] the requirements of the Ordinance”); Sprint Spectrum L.P. v.

Other SupportsCanoeing Ireland will strive to create a positive competition environment for our performance athletes by providing physiotherapy support at major international tournaments.Lifestyle and Transition Support Staffing & Resource RequirementsHigh Performance DirectorCanoe Slalom Talent Development Coach Canoe Sprint Talent Development CoachCanoeing Ireland will, in time, have several athletes who are approaching their transition phase from high performance sport to retirement.

For OLC Sprint tasks, the MacCready is adjusted in order to cover the greatest distance in the remaining time and reach the finish height.

In that case it was clear that there was government action because the police took a GPS device, put it on a truck, and then electronically surveilled the defendant’s location from the attached device.Here, in contrast, the government did not take any action that caused Sprint, the defendant’s cell service provider, to record the defendant’s CSLI.

Wireless terminals shall connect directly to County’s approved processor via Cellular carrier (i.e. Sprint, AT&T, etc.).

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Sprint means Sprint Nextel Corporation.
Sprint means Sprint Corporation and Affiliates thereof that are parties to the Agreement to Lease and Sublease.
Sprint means Sprint Corporation, a Delaware corporation.
Sprint means Sprint Nextel Corporation, a Kansas corporation.
Sprint means, collectively, Sprint Corporation and Sprint Communications Company L.P.
Sprint means Sprint Corporation, a Delaware corporation;
Sprint means, collectively, Sprint Spectrum L.P., SprintCom, Inc. and WirelessCo, L.P.