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Choice Supplier means a marketer, supplier, aggregator or governmental aggregator supplying natural gas through the Choice Program.
Choice Supplier means the marketer, supplier, broker, aggregator or governmental aggregator supplying natural gas through the Choice Program that is Party to this Agreement.
Choice Supplier means a marketer, supplier, broker, aggregator or governmental aggregator supplying natural gas through the Choice Program that is Party to this Agreement; “Choice Suppliers” shall mean collectively the marketers, suppliers, brokers aggregators and governmental aggregators supplying natural gas through the Choice Program.

Examples of Choice Supplier in a sentence

  • Customer will also be billed under this Rate Schedule for commodity gas delivered by the Company, unless Customer elects to purchase gas commodity from (1) a Choice Supplier pursuant to Rider 180, or (2) the Company pursuant to Rider 181.

  • Where Company renders a budget bill on behalf of a Choice Supplier for Natural Gas Supply service, partial payments shall be applied on a pro rata basis after outstanding pre-retail access balances and post retail access balances have been paid in accordance with the orders of priority specified above.

  • If any information listed on the websites requires correction or updating, contact the Customer Choice Supplier Services personnel by accessing the RightNow Customer Experience System: By typing the following URL directly into your browser: and selecting Contact Us on the left side of the page.

  • Where Company renders abill for natural gas supply service on behalf of a Choice Supplier and a partial payment received, the partial payment shall first be applied to pre-retail access Company balances and then to post-retail access balances.

  • If Customer elects to discontinue Choice service or is dropped by the new Choice Supplier, said customer will transfer to DSS or SCO service, as applicable.

  • Customers of the removed Choice Supplier shall be charged the SCO Rider rate until such time Customer enters into a contract with a new Choice Supplier.

  • A disciplinary penalty may be imposed on a witness for refusal to provide an explanation or for knowingly presenting false information in the explanation.

  • Non-defaulting SCO and Choice Supplier shall be compensated by the Company for volumes delivered at the price agreed upon for the applicable transaction.

  • Unless otherwise stated in this Section 8, Billing and Payment, all billing and payment provisions of this section apply to Customers served under all Company rate schedules, including Rate Schedules RT and NT where a Customer’s Choice Supplier also participates in the Company’s Purchase of Receivables (“POR”) program.First Revised Page No. 46UGI UTILITIES, INC.

  • If no non- defaulting Choice Supplier assumes the removed Choice Supplier’s Customer(s), such Customer(s) will transfer to SCO service.

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Choice Supplier means a marketer, supplier, broker, aggregator or governmental aggregator sup- plying natural gas through the Choice Program.
Choice Supplier. Name: Address: Attention: Telephone: Email:

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