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(10) The term sequestration’ means the long-term separa- tion, isolation, or removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, including through a biological or geologic method such as reforestation or an underground reservoir.

(10) The term obligated person’ means any person, including an issuer of municipal securities, who is either gen- erally or through an enterprise, fund, or account of such person, committed by contract or other arrangement to support the payment of all or part of the obligations on the municipal securities to be sold in an offering of municipal securities.’’. (f) REGISTERED SECURITIES ASSOCIATION.—Section 15A(b) of the

(10) The term essential fish habitat’ means those waters and substrate necessary to fish for spawning, breeding, feeding or growth to maturity.’’;

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(10) The term working percentage’ means the percentage of full-time employment equal to the quotient obtained by dividing—

(10) The term sequestration’ means the long-10

(10) The term State’ means a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, or any commonwealth, territory, or possession of the United States.

(10) The term open license’ means a legal guarantee applied to a data asset that the data asset is made available—

(10) The term State law’ means the unemploy- ment compensation law of the State, approved by the Secretary under section 3304 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

(10) The term person’ means an individual, partnership, association, corporation, business trust, or legal representative, an organized group of individuals, a State, territorial, tribal, or local government or branch thereof, or a political subdivision of a State, territory, tribal, or local government or a branch of a political subdivision;

(10) The term GMD’ means a geo- magnetic disturbance caused by a solar storm or another naturally occurring phe- nomenon.’’;