Aftercare definition

Aftercare means care, treatment and services provided a patient, as defined herein, on convalescent status or conditional release.
Aftercare means the stage following discharge, when the client no longer requires services at the intensity required during primary treatment.
Aftercare means written instructions given to the client, specific to the body art procedure(s) rendered, about caring for the body art and surrounding area. These instructions will include information about when to seek medical treatment, if necessary.

Examples of Aftercare in a sentence

  • II Aftercare and relapse prevention services shall be provided a minimum of two days per week to approximately 60 clients during the term of January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

  • Contractor shall include the following topics in its delivery of services: • Anger management • Gender-specific services • Aftercare support group • Physical abuse prevention • Early recovery process • Stress management • Family systems education • Risk assessment / intervention • Domestic violence prevention • Addiction prevention / education • Relapse prevention • Parenting skills D.

  • The main components in Phase II shall be: • Aftercare group • Individual counseling and case management • Crisis intervention a.

  • Aftercare staff will not escort parents under any circumstances to the classrooms.

More Definitions of Aftercare

Aftercare means follow−up services provided to a young person after he or she is discharged from a center.
Aftercare means making provision of support, financial or otherwise, to persons, who have completed the age of eighteen years but have not completed the age of twenty-one years, and have left any institutional care to join the mainstream of the society;
Aftercare or “Iowa Aftercare” means a program designed to provide service and supports to the Aftercare eligible population to assist program participants in achieving Self-Sufficiency for the Transition from adolescence to adulthood. Participation in the program is voluntary for the eligible Child. A component of the Aftercare Program, Preparation for Adult Living (PAL), provides financial support to eligible Youth who are receiving Aftercare services.
Aftercare. ’ means ongoing professional support to a service user after a formal treatment episode has ended in order to enable him or her to maintain sobriety or abstinence, personal growth and to enhance self-reliance and proper social functioning; 20
Aftercare means a treatment plan after discharge/release from a service insuring a continuum of care.
Aftercare means the assistance provided by a lay caregiver
Aftercare means monitoring, maintenance and management of land within the Order limits following its reinstatement and restoration;