Admission Agreement definition

Admission Agreement means an agreement between the ESFA and the Contractor and a Public Sector Pension Scheme, so that each Transferring Employee may continue to participate in that employee’s respective Public Sector Pension Scheme, after the Employee Transfer Date;
Admission Agreement means an agreement between an administering authority and an admission body that named individuals, or all or any specified class of the admission body’s employees, may be members of the Scheme;
Admission Agreement means either or both of the CSPS Admission Agreement (as defined in Annex D1: CSPS) or the LGPS Admission Agreement) as defined in Annex D3: LGPS), as the context requires;

Examples of Admission Agreement in a sentence

Save that this sub-paragraph shall not apply to any change made as a consequence of participation in an Admission Agreement.

This clause seeks to mirror the right of set off which must be included in the Contractor Admission Agreement under regulation 6(9) of the LGPS (Administration) Regulations 2008.

To the extent the Admission Agreement requires NCCOB’s approval of Norment and Miklosko’s admission to Advantage LLC, there is, at a minimum, a fact dispute over whether Norment reasonably believed that written approval of his admission was something different than consent to the transaction by NCCOB.argues that after July 31, 2014, he, Rabon, and Miklosko conducted business as a common law partnership.

The Admission Agreement, also effective on January 1, 2014, amended the Operating Agreement to admit Norment and Miklosko as members of Advantage LLC per the terms of the Subscription Agreement.

Norment seeks summary judgment only as to his claims for (1) breach of the Subscription Agreement and Admission Agreement (Second Amended Counterclaim, ECF No. 20, ¶¶ 117–124), (2) an accounting of Advantage LLC, Cavalier, and Steel ( Id., ¶¶ 176–181), and (3) dissolution of Advantage Partnership (Id., ¶¶ 203–11).5 (ECF No. 60.) The Court begins its analysis by summarizing the parties’ contentions on the Motion for Summary Judgment.

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Admission Agreement means the Contract between Transferor and a Facility resident under which resident occupies a Facility bed and receives services and items from the Facility.
Admission Agreement means the Instrument of Admission, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F, pursuant to which AT&T and Parent will become parties to the Exchange Agreement.
Admission Agreement means the agreement executed by any new Member or by any assignee of any membership interest whereby the new Member agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Articles and any other applicable laws or bylaws.
Admission Agreement means an admission agreement entered into in accordance with Part 3 of Schedule 2 of the LGPS Regulations by the Administering Authority and the Supplier.
Admission Agreement means an agreement to be entered into in accordance with regulation 3 of the LGPS Regulations, by (1) the Administering Authority, (2) the Customer and (3) the Service Provider or Sub-Contractor, as appropriate, in the Administering Authority’s standard form;
Admission Agreement means, with respect to any Limited Partner, the purchase, subscription or other agreement pursuant to which such Limited Partner agrees to become a Limited Partner, or other written agreement between the General Partner and/or the Partnership on the one hand and such Limited Partner on the other relating to such Limited Partner’s interest in the Partnership.
Admission Agreement means in relation to the Contractor or a Sub- contractor an agreement made (or to be made) between (1) The Minister for the Cabinet Office (2) the Contractor or the Sub-contractor, as the case may be, and (3) the Authority relating to the participation of the Contractor or the Sub-contractor, as applicable, in the Schemes for the benefit of those of the Former Authority Employees who are for the time being employed by the Contractor or the Sub-contractor, as applicable, and which is in the form set out in Annex A to this Schedule.