Consent Agreement definition

Consent Agreement means a formal agreement entered into in lieu of adjudication.
Consent Agreement means the Agreement Containing Consent Order.
Consent Agreement means a written agreement between the Superintendent and a respondent that concerns disciplinary or remedial action.

Examples of Consent Agreement in a sentence

This Consent Agreement will not become part of the public record of the proceeding unless and until it is accepted by the Commission.

No agreement, understanding, representation, or interpretation not contained in the Decision and Order or in this Consent Agreement may be used to vary or contradict the terms of the Decision and Order.

All rights to seek judicial review or otherwise to challenge or contest the validity of the Decision and Order issued pursuant to this Consent Agreement.

If the Commission accepts this Consent Agreement, it, together with the draft Complaint, will be placed on the public record for 30 days and information about them publicly released.

Thereafter, the Commission may either withdraw its acceptance of this Consent Agreement and so notify each Proposed Respondent, in which event the Commission will take such action as it may consider appropriate, or issue and serve its Complaint (in such form as the circumstances may require) and decision in disposition of the proceeding, which may include an Order.

More Definitions of Consent Agreement

Consent Agreement means an agreement that the owner or another person will perform specific actions for the purpose of diminishing or abating the causes of air pollution or for the purpose of coming into compliance with the regulations of the board, by mutual agreement of the owner or another person and the board.
Consent Agreement means the form of consent agreement attached as “Schedule “B” to the Support Agreement;
Consent Agreement means that certain Consent Under Loan and Security Agreement the Debtor and the Secured Parties entered into on November 12, 2019, pursuant to which the Debtor prepaid the principal outstanding under the Term Loans in an amount equal to
Consent Agreement means that certain Consent to Assignment of Interest dated December 24, 2016, from Briscoe Ranch, Inc. et al. to Sanchez Energy and Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC.
Consent Agreement means an agreement between the licensee and the department that the licensee will perform specific actions for the purpose of correcting violations to come into compliance with standards or statutes.
Consent Agreement means that certain Consent and Amendment Agreement by and among CUBIST, XTL, and Yeda executed on or about the Effective Date.
Consent Agreement means the Consent Agreement between the U.S. Department of State and L-3 Corp, Case 06-0000284, entered into on October 18, 2006, generally regarding failure to report fees and commissions under 22 CFR Part 130, officially closed December 9, 2009.