Consent Agreement definition

Consent Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 14.2.
Consent Agreement means this Consent Agreement, duly signed and concluded between the Commission and the Respondent, as contemplated in section 40(1) of the Act.

Examples of Consent Agreement in a sentence

  • Moreover, Plaintiffs argue that the prior actions of the Board indicate that the number of votes is determined by the amount of funds pledged, and the Board “accepted” over $15 million in pledged funds through the Unanimous Written Consent agreement in 2003.

More Definitions of Consent Agreement

Consent Agreement means any writ- ten document, signed by the parties, containing stipulations or conclusions of fact or law, and a proposed penalty, revocation or suspension of a permit, or other sanction.
Consent Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 8.7(d).
Consent Agreement means any writ- ten document containing a specified proposed remedy or other relief accept- able to the Department and consenting parties;
Consent Agreement means the form of consent agreement attached as “Schedule “B” to the Support Agreement;
Consent Agreement means a written agreement between the Board and a respondent that concerns disciplinary or remedial action.
Consent Agreement means the Agreement Containing Consent Order.