Representation Agreement definition

Representation Agreement means an agreement between collective management organisations whereby one collective management organisation mandates another collective management organisation to manage the rights it represents, including an agreement concluded under regulations 28 (agreements between collective management organisations) and 29 (representation of other collective management organisations);
Representation Agreement means the written agreement between a money transfer service provider and a representative of the money transfer service provider that states the terms on which the representative offers the money transfer service within Australia;
Representation Agreement means the initial agreement signed between both parties agreeing the terms under which the Employment Business will represent the Consultancy;

More Definitions of Representation Agreement

Representation Agreement means a contract entered into between an Agent and an Athlete or between an Agent and a Club.
Representation Agreement means an agreement made under the Representation Agreement Act;
Representation Agreement means an agreement between a Brokerage and a Client, under which the Brokerage and Client agree that the Brokerage will represent the Client in respect of one or more aspects of a Trade in real estate, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes a Listing Agreement and a Buyer Representation Agreement.
Representation Agreement means any agreement between collecting societies whereby one collecting society mandates another collecting society to represent rights in its repertoire, including an agreement concluded under Articles 28 and 29;
Representation Agreement means the document recording the terms of a Player Agent’s representation of a Player;
Representation Agreement means any agreement, arrangement or mandate, whether verbal or written, formal or informal, between an Agent (on the one hand), and a Player or Club (on the other), the purpose or effect of which is to cover the provision of any Agency Activity.