Acquiring definition

Acquiring is defined in the Recitals to this Agreement.
Acquiring means a payment service of enabling the making of payment transactions by means of a Customer’s payment instrument, originated through the agency of an Intermediary Institution, consisting in particular in the handling of the authorization process, transmission of payment orders to the Intermediary Institution and the topping up of the Customer’s electronic wallet.
Acquiring means the capture and onward transmission of Card Network transactions in order to effect payment between Card Network cardholders and Merchants, including authorizing transactions, providing for clearing and settlement, facilitating the crediting of merchants’ accounts with the proceeds of such transactions, and chargeback and retrieval processing in connection with the foregoing. Acquiring also includes providing all or some of the foregoing services as an agent or licensee for other card programs.

Examples of Acquiring in a sentence

  • No Rights Certificates shall be issued in exchange for a Rights Certificate owned or deemed to have been owned by an Acquiring Person or an Affiliate or Associate thereof, or by a Person acting jointly or in concert with an Acquiring Person or an Affiliate or Associate thereof.

  • It is only necessary for you to take any one of the following actions in order for your account(s) at [Name of Acquiring Institution] to be deemed claimed.

  • This letter is your formal Legal Notice that you have until [Date: eighteen months from the Closing Date], to claim or arrange to continue your account(s) with [Name of Acquiring Institution].

  • Based on the records recently supplied to us by [Name of Acquiring Institution], your account(s) currently fall into this category.

  • There are several ways that you can claim your account(s) at [Name of Acquiring Institution].

More Definitions of Acquiring

Acquiring means hiring, accepting as a gift and borrowing; “ammunition” means—
Acquiring used as verbs shall have correlative meanings.
Acquiring means the process of authorization of transactions by Card Issuers and Card Organizations or by Xxxxxxxx, acting as an Agent of iCard AD for the acquiring of payments wit cards of the Card Organizations, made with payment cards with the logo of MasterCard, VISA or JCB via myPOS or myPOS Virtual and the payment gateway between Aquirer (iCard AD) and the Card Organizations and the settlement of due sums from Satabank, acting as Agent of iCard AD to Client;
Acquiring means hiring, accepting as a gift and borrowing and the expressions “acquire” and “acquisition” shall be construed accordingly;”
Acquiring means the capture of Transactions and the routing of Transactions for Authorisation, Clearing and Settlement of funds in accordance with the Card Scheme Rules (and “Acquirer” shall be construed accordingly);
Acquiring and “Acquired” have meanings correlative thereto.
Acquiring shall exclude acquisition, acquire, or acquiring by way of an allotment or issue of Units.