Transferee definition

Transferee means any person to whom the Optionee has directly or indirectly transferred any Share acquired under this Agreement.
Transferee means any Person who is acquiring by Transfer any Ownership Interest in a Certificate.
Transferee means any direct or indirect transferee of all or any part of any Note purchased by any Purchaser under this Agreement.

Examples of Transferee in a sentence

The Company shall not be required to recognize any Transfer of any Company Interest until the instrument conveying such Company Interest, in form and substance satisfactory to the Company, has been delivered to the Company at its principal office for recordation on the books of the Company and the transferring Participant or Permitted Transferee has paid all costs and expenses of the Company in connection with such Transfer.

Summey, where the above-described property is other person or persons making claim to or interest in the said lands and STATE OF ALABAMA COUNTY OF JEFFERSON Series INABS 2006-E, Transferee JAUREGUI & LINDSEY, LLC LILLIAN ANN WOODY CALDWELL a/k/a, LILLIAN the Conservator for the Estate of situated.

If a subsidiary of a group becomes, or its successor is or becomes, a disregarded entity for Federal tax purposes, the common par- ent continues to serve as the agent with respect to that subsidiary’s tax li- ability under § 1.1502–6 for consolidated return years during which it was in- cluded in the group, even though the entity generally is not treated as a per- 26 CFR Ch. I (4–1–17 Edition)son separate from its owner for Federal tax purposes.(v) Transferee liability.

A Non-qualified Stock Option may, in the sole discretion of the Committee, be transferable to a Permitted Transferee, upon written approval by the Committee to the extent provided in the Award Agreement.

In addition, the Transferor in its capacity as the Undertaker shall also inform the Transferee of any complaints made to it by any Non-Household Customer(s), which are outstanding at the Exit Date.

More Definitions of Transferee

Transferee means, in relation to each Valuation Date, the party in respect of which Exposure is a positive number and, in relation to a Credit Support Balance, the party which, subject to this Annex, owes such Credit Support Balance or, as the case may be, the Value of such Credit Support Balance to the other party.
Transferee means any Assignee or Participant.
Transferee means any Person to whom Corporation Securities are Transferred.
Transferee means a party acquiring or proposing to acquire structured settlement payment rights through a transfer.
Transferee means a person to which all or part of a transferable interest has been transferred, whether or not the transferor is a partner.
Transferee means any Person to whom any Stockholder or any Transferee thereof Transfers Equity Securities of the Company in accordance with the terms hereof.
Transferee s Principals” shall mean collectively, (A) Transferee’s managing members, general partners or principal shareholders and (B) such other members, partners or shareholders which directly or indirectly shall own a fifty-one percent (51%) or greater economic and voting interest in Transferee.