Acquired definition

Acquired used as a verb shall have a correlative meaning.
Acquired means a transfer or license of a Patent, Know-How or other forms of Intellectual Property Rights or information from an Independent Third Party to Elan or Orasomal, as the case may be, to the extent to which there are no obligations or restrictions (such as confidentiality) in respect of that information which prohibit disclosure to or use by the Company;
Acquired means gained possession. Examples of acquire include, but are not limited to, lease agreement, purchase, or gift.

Examples of Acquired in a sentence

  • Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of (D) (Instr.

  • Identification and Classification of the Subsidiary Which Acquired the Security Being Reported on By the Parent Holding Company.

  • Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of(D) (Instr.

  • Biofeedback (except for an Acquired Brain Injury diagnosis) or other behavior modification services.

  • Identification and Classification of the Subsidiary Which Acquired the Security Being Reported on by the Parent Holding Company or Control Person.

More Definitions of Acquired

Acquired means to be acquired pursuant to an Acquisition.
Acquired means purchased, leased, obtained by inheritance or descent and distribution, or obtained by foreclosure sale under chapter 654, nonjudicial voluntary foreclosure under section 654.18, deed in lieu of foreclosure under section 654.19, foreclosure without redemption under section 654.20, or nonjudicial foreclosure of nonagriculture mortgages under chapter 655A.
Acquired have a corresponding meaning. For purposes of determining whether and to what extent a transaction shall be taken into account for purposes of this definition, any recapitalization or other action resulting in a shift of voting power or any redemption or repurchase of shares of stock shall be treated as an indirect acquisition of shares of stock by the benefitted or non-exchanging stockholders.
Acquired and “Acquisition of” shall have correlative meanings.
Acquired means: For items purchased by Applicant, the date upon which title to the item transfers to Applicant or the date Applicant takes possession of the item, whichever is earlier. For items leased by Applicant, the date Applicant takes possession of the item.
Acquired shall have a correlative meaning. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Acquisition” shall not include any transaction or series of related transactions solely among the Company and/or one or more of its Subsidiaries.
Acquired means to come into possession of, obtain control of, or obtain the right to use the assets of a business by any legal means including a gift, lease, repossession or purchase. For purposes of succession, a purchase through bankruptcy court proceedings where assets are being liquidated is not considered an acquisition, if the court places restrictions on the transfer of liabilities to the purchaser. It is not necessary to purchase the assets in order to have acquired the right to their use, nor is it necessary for the predecessor to have actually owned the assets for the successor to have acquired them. The right to the use of the asset is the determining factor.