Your General Obligations Sample Clauses

Your General Obligations. 6.1 Full information You must give us any information we reasonably require for the purposes of this contract. The information must be correct, and you must not mislead or deceive us in relation to any information provided to us.
Your General Obligations. 15. You must comply with the terms of this agreement, including the terms set out in the Handbook, and all reasonable instructions of the Hall staff and University representatives which relate to the use of the Accommodation, the Hall and any facilities in the Hall.
Your General Obligations. You must:
Your General Obligations. 2.1 Once you have enrolled, you accept and agree to be bound by and comply with:
Your General Obligations. 8. It is a condition of this Licence that you become and remain a registered full-time student of the University of London pursuing a course of study at the University. If you fail to become or cease to be a full-time student of the University, you are required to notify the Reservations Team in writing immediately. Notice to your college will not suffice. The University will then decide at its own discretion whether to waive this condition or whether to end this agreement and require you to leave.
Your General Obligations. Full information
Your General Obligations. 9.1 Your general obligations under this Agreement include the following:
Your General Obligations. 4.1 You agree to:4.1.1 accept the Room, Flat, Property Common Areas, Flat Common Areas and the Property as being in good and tenantable repair and condition and fit for the purposes for which they are let and/or intended to be used from the Start Date unless you let us know in writing in accordance with clause 16 of any defects in the condition and repair within 48 hours of you collecting the keys for the Room;4.1.2 accept that all the Contents are present in the Room and Flat unless you let us know in writing in accordance with clause 16 that items are missing from the inventory within 48 hours of moving into the Room;4.1.3 provide us with a certificate of exemption for council tax within 6 weeks of registering with your university or college or 10 weeks of your Check In Date (whichever is the sooner). You are responsible for the payment of council tax and you will reimburse us for any council tax we are required to pay as a result of you not providing us with a certificate of exemption;4.1.4 comply with any Special Conditions; 4.1.5 comply with any Regulations relating to your conduct in the Property which we may notify you of in
Your General Obligations. 6.1. When entering Your Details You agree to provide current, accurate, true and complete information, to keep Your Details up to date where possible within MyFreeola and to otherwise notify Us of any changes within a reasonable time-frame.
Your General Obligations. 9.1 Infrastructure: