Wrapper Sample Clauses

Wrapper. Wrappers hired on or after November 4, 1985 shall be titled as "Meat Clerks.” The Wrapper classification is permitted to perform any work in the Meat and/or Seafood Departments not expressly reserved to the Meat Cutter classification as set forth in Paragraph 1 above. Further, employees in the Wrapper classification may perform cubing/tenderizing. Grinding of any meat product utilizing the large production grinder shall be performed under the direct supervision of a Meat Cutter, except that the grinding of the contents of preground chubs may be performed by a Meat Wrapper when no Meat Cutter is on duty. Use of the small grinder by the Meat Wrapper for any purpose may be done without conditions or restrictions.
Wrapper. A wrapper is a person employed in a self-service market engaged in wrapping, weighing, scaling and pricing meat, poultry, and fish. The wrapper shall not be required to perform any work customarily performed by a journeyman.
Wrapper. The partner wrapper and Company A question and answer functionality will be hosted together on Company A’ servers. The wrapper shall be at the top part of the screen. Company A will provide further general wrapper specifications and Company B will deliver the wrapper in HTML consistent with the Linking Site’s look and feel. This HTML file will provide the following specifications: Navigational links shall be to the appropriate Linking Site locations as provided in Paragraph 3(b) of the Agreement or otherwise. Colors shall be consistent with those found on the Linking Site. Ad-serving locations shall be consistent with those on the Linking Site.
Wrapper. A Wrapper is a person employed in a self-service market engaged in wrapping, weighing, selling, pricing, and displaying of products handled in the meat section of the Company's stores. It is expressly understood that Wrappers are not permitted to use any tools of the trade which include knife, cleaver, hand or electric saw, slicing machine, meat grinder, minute steak tenderizer, or hamburger patty machine. Wrappers may be used to weigh, wrap, price and display, and all work incidental thereto, and perform their usual clean-up duties. Assignments will be rotated so the Wrappers will learn all phases of the job. Where, as of June 6, 2009, the Employer employs a full-time wrapper, the Employer will continue to do so as long as the Employer, using its management discretion, deems the amount of underlying wrapping work would support such scheduling. In those stores where a full-time wrapper is not employed, the Employer shall use good faith reasonable efforts to schedule a full-time wrapper where, using its management discretion, it deems the amount of underlying wrapping work would support such scheduling. The Employer may utilize the Wrapper classification for the Club Pack Section provided that no meat cutter may have their hours affected as a result thereof.
Wrapper be a new object created as if by the expression new Object(), where Object is the standard built-in constructor with that name.
Wrapper. A. 1) A Wrapper is a person employed in a market engaged in the type of work activities described in Section 12.7. A Wrapper hired after May 1, 1986 shall be paid the Other Than Journeyman rate and may be used at any time during the day or evening provided he/she is scheduled a minimum of eight (8) hours each day.

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  • Form D; Blue Sky Filings The Company agrees to timely file a Form D with respect to the Securities as required under Regulation D and to provide a copy thereof, promptly upon request of any Purchaser. The Company shall take such action as the Company shall reasonably determine is necessary in order to obtain an exemption for, or to qualify the Securities for, sale to the Purchasers at the Closing under applicable securities or “Blue Sky” laws of the states of the United States, and shall provide evidence of such actions promptly upon request of any Purchaser.