WASTEWATER SYSTEM. The owner(s) makes no representatives with respect to the presence of any wastewater system, including the type or size thereof or associated maintenance responsibilities related thereto, located on the property and the purchaser(s) is advised to exercise whatever due diligence the purchase(s) deems necessary to determine the presence of any whatsoever system on the property, in accordance with terms and conditions as may be contained in the real estate purchase contract, but in any event, prior to settlement pursuant to that contract. Seller _ _/ Buyer _ / Additional Written Disclosure Requirements FIRST SALE OF A DWELLING: Section 55-518.B. contains other disclosure requirements for transfers involving the first sale of a dwelling because the first sale of a dwelling is exempt from the disclosure requirements listed above. The builder of a new dwelling shall disclose in writing to the purchaser thereof all known material defects which would constitute a violation of any applicable building code. PLANNING DISTRICT 15: In addition, for property that is located wholly or partially in any locality comprising Planning District 15, the builder or owner, if the builder is not the owner of the property, shall disclose in writing whether the builder or owner has any knowledge of (i) whether mining operations have previously been conduction on property or (ii) the presence of abandoned mines, shafts, or pits, if any. The disclosures required by this subsection shall be made by a builder or owner (i) when selling a completed dwelling, before acceptance of the purchase contract or (ii) when selling a dwelling before or during its construction, after issuance of certificate of occupancy. Such disclosure shall not abrogate any warranty or any other contractual obligations the builder or owner may have to the purchaser. The disclosure required by this subsection may be made on this disclosure form. If no defects are known by the builder to exist, no written disclosure is required by this subsection. Section 55-519.1 contains a disclosure requirement for properties located in any locality in which there is a military air installation.
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. Within thirty (30) days after the Closing Date, ----------------- Buyer will apply for an amendment to the NPDES permit for the Purvis Property so that the permitted wastewater treatment system for the Purvis Property does not include or incorporate the surface impoundments presently used by Seller as part of the wastewater treatment system at the Purvis Property. Buyer's right to use such surface impoundments as part of the permitted wastewater treatment system at the Purvis Property will expire 210 days after the Closing Date. Prior to Closing, Seller will permit Buyer, its agents, contractors and employees, rent- free access to the Purvis Property for the purpose of evaluating changes to the existing wastewater treatment system at the Purvis Property. Buyer will also have the right to install a tank, surface impoundment or other wastewater treatment or storage device at the Purvis Property necessary so that the wastewater treatment system at the Purvis Property after Closing does not include or incorporate the surface impoundments presently used by Seller; provided that: (i) the location is approved by Seller, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld, (ii) such installation complies with Environmental Law, and (iii) the device is not incorporated until after Closing and incorporation after Closing does not cause Seller to be in violation of the existing NPDES permit for the Purvis Property. All personnel employed or retained by Buyer in connection therewith shall abide by Seller's safety rules and regulations applicable to Seller's personnel, while on the Purvis Property. Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Seller harmless of and from any loss or damage to personal property, injury or death to persons, and any other claims, actions, causes of action, damages, costs and expenses related to or in any way stemming from Buyer's activities conducted on the Purvis Property except to the extent that such loss, damage, injury or death is attributable to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Seller, its employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors or invitees.
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. The Agency has maintained the Wastewater System in good working order and repair, and there have been no changes to and no event has occurred which has had, or may result in, a Material Adverse Effect.
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. “Wastewater System” shall mean the wastewater transmission, treatment and disposal facilities, including re-use and land application facilities, and all other components of a wastewater system or systems to provide wastewater service to Wastewater Users.
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. The existing wastewater collection and pumping system consists of nine (9) sanitary lift stations, the associated force main, and gravity sewer mains. The City does not own or operate a wastewater treatment facility. All wastewater is conveyed to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) for treatment. The sanitary system consists of approximately 23 miles of gravity main and approximately four (4) miles of force main associated with the lift stations. Most of the sanitary collection system is 8”-12” diameter Vitrified Clay or terra cotta pipe. It is estimated that there are approximately 400 manholes of varying age based upon the age and length of the gravity main. The City owns the sanitary laterals from the main to the clean out. Accordingly, property owners are responsible for the sewer lateral up to the clean out. The City is part of the consolidated district for the ACUA. All wastewater is metered at the Chicago Avenue ACUA Pump Station and conveyed to the ACUA interceptor system for treatment at the ACUA Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. Appendix B Description of Real Property‌‌‌ Known As Address Tax Map Sheet Block Lot Deed Book Page Appendix C‌ Existing Collateral Agreements‌ Appendix D‌ Form of Municipal Consent‌ Ordinance No. AN ORDINANCE‌ GRANTING CONSENT AND PERMISSION TO NEW JERSEY-AMERICAN WATER COMPANY TO FURNISH POTABLE WATER AND WASTEWATER CONVEYANCE IN THE CITY OF EGG HARBOR CITY, NEW JERSEY
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. The Property and each Residential Unit located thereon shall be served by a wastewater treatment and disposal system to be operated by the Wastewater Utility. Each Owner, by purchase of a Residential Unit, agrees to enter into an agreement regarding the Wastewater System with such Wastewater Utility in form and substance satisfactory to such Wastewater Utility, and to abide by any rules, regulations or other requirements of such Wastewater Utility regarding the Wastewater System (“Do’s & Don’ts for Effluent Collection Systems”).
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. Service Provider shall cause the Wastewater System to be designed, and shall operate and maintain the Wastewater System, in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. It shall not be a default of this Section if the Service Provider cures such noncompliance within thirty (30) days of learning of such noncompliance, or if more than thirty (30) days is reasonably required to cure such noncompliance, Service Provider commences to correct the problem within thirty (30) days and thereafter prosecutes the same to completion with reasonable diligence.
WASTEWATER SYSTEM. Reynolds hereby grants to Buyer non-exclusive easements across, over and under such portions of the lands retained by Reynolds under the Asset Purchase Agreement (except “Black Mud Lake No. 1” and “Black Mud Lake No. 2” shown on Attachment 2) as are reasonably necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Wastewater System. The foregoing non-exclusive easements for the Wastewater System shall include, but not be limited to, the right to maintain, use, repair and replace the drainage ditches; provided however, replacement of drainage ditches shall not be undertaken without Reynolds prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.


Project Site The location at which the improvements which are the subject of the Work are to be or are being constructed. May also be referred to as “Site.”
Interconnection Facilities 4.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, shall provide a best estimate cost, including overheads, for the purchase and construction of its Interconnection Facilities and provide a detailed itemization of such costs. Costs associated with Interconnection Facilities may be shared with other entities that may benefit from such facilities by agreement of the Interconnection Customer, such other entities, the NYISO, and the Connecting Transmission Owner.
Sprinkler System 31. If there shall be a "sprinkler system" in the demised premises for any period during this lease, Tenant shall pay $ per month, for sprinkler supervisory service. If such sprinkler system is damaged by any act or omission of Tenant or its agents, employees, licensees of visitors. Tenant shall restore the system to good working condition at its own expense. If the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, the New York Fire Insurance Exchange, the Insurance Services Office or any governmental authority requires the installation or any alteration to a sprinkler system by reason of Tenant's occupancy or use of the premises, including any alteration necessary to obtain the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate of Landlord, or for any other reason, Tenant shall make such installation or alteration promptly, and at its own expense. HEAT, ELEVATOR, ETC.
Power System Stabilizers The Developer shall procure, install, maintain and operate Power System Stabilizers in accordance with the requirements identified in the Interconnection Studies conducted for Developer’s Large Generating Facility. NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner reserve the right to reasonably establish minimum acceptable settings for any installed Power System Stabilizers, subject to the design and operating limitations of the Large Generating Facility. If the Large Generating Facility’s Power System Stabilizers are removed from service or not capable of automatic operation, the Developer shall immediately notify the Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO. The requirements of this paragraph shall not apply to wind generators.
The Site The site shall comprise the real estate described in Schedule-A and in respect of which the Right of Way shall be provided and granted by the Authority to the Concessionaire as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement (the "Site"). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that references to the Site shall be construed as references to the real estate required for the Bus Terminal as set forth in Schedule-A and includes Commercial Complex.
Pipelines Developer shall have no interest in the pipeline gathering system, which gathering system shall remain the sole property of Operator or its Affiliates and shall be maintained at their sole cost and expense.
Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities The Interconnection Customer shall design, procure, construct, install, own and/or control the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities described in Appendix A at its sole expense.
Interconnection Facilities Engineering Procurement and Construction Interconnection Facilities, Network Upgrades, and Distribution Upgrades shall be studied, designed, and constructed pursuant to Good Utility Practice. Such studies, design and construction shall be based on the assumed accuracy and completeness of all technical information received by the Participating TO and the CAISO from the Interconnection Customer associated with interconnecting the Large Generating Facility.
Interconnection for the MPB arrangement shall occur at the BA access tandems in the LATA, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties.
Underground Facilities All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments, and any encasements containing such facilities, including without limitation those that convey electricity, gases, steam, liquid petroleum products, telephone or other communications, cable television, water, wastewater, storm water, other liquids or chemicals, or traffic or other control systems.